As the end of the year draws ever nearer, I find myself excited for what 2016 will bring; whilst also contemplative about the closing of 2015…

I am thrilled and excited at two very special announcements from family members: I will become an aunty again – twice within the space of just five months!

The last twelve months also saw my first child turn one; filling me with pride and other, less easily defined feelings. And now my ‘second’ child – the blog – is about to have a birthday, which also makes me proud. It’s made me take stock too, and you may have noticed some changes in the past few weeks. (I’m not done yet, watch this space!)

I have reconnected with a couple of old friends; people I felt certain I had lost touch with for good, but who have surprised me in the most lovely of ways – through the fabulous medium of social media!

I’m about to celebrate my first blogging anniversary. During the past year, this space has evolved from simply being the blog of Refined Prose, into The Less-Refined Mind: A Mouthpiece on Motherhood, Marriage, and Mischief. It has become much more to me than just a vehicle to drive traffic to my freelancing business. (See what I did there? Gotta love a pun!)

And though I am yet a small and humble platform, I’m beginning to see a community of like-minded men and women form around me – I’m actively dipping my toe in, and to my delight I’ve been welcomed into the fold! The greatest lesson I’ve taken from opening myself up to social media strategies within the blogosphere, is that far from being a chore it actually means discovering new friends. Who knew? (Between this and those old pals who found me on a popular network, I’ve had to rethink my views of social media!)

When I started it, the blog was primarily about my freelance business, so a round-up post is a foreign concept since it’s quite personal. But during the course of 2015, I’ve discovered that blogging suits me, and I intend to make it my focus.

Writing about the experiences that have new-years-day-1020100_640shaped my parenting is cathartic. And since penning the first post, it’s not only the blog that has evolved; I’ve grown as a woman, a wife, and a mother too. (Not actually, still a disappointing 5’4″.)  Becoming a parent means juggling a variety of hats at any given time: Kate the Mother; Wife; Cook; Cleaner; Nurse; Chauffeur; Writer; the list goes on.

I’ve learned that in order to remain sane, it’s essential I retain a piece of myself. I need a ‘Kate’ hat. So you can expect to see – or read – a little more of ‘Kate the ‘ Kate next year. Between the cynical observations and whimsical commentary, perhaps I’ll be a little more self-indulgent!

And thus the blog has been remodelled into a project that excites me: I have big plans for 2016.


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An award-nominated blogger and author, Kate is an experienced breastfeeding advocate, and expert baby sleep chaser. Her writing has appeared on Mothercare, Huff Post, and BritMums.

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