Ad – this is a commissioned post. Last week I was invited to attend an event which four years ago I’d have genuinely loved, but is currently somewhat out of my comfort zone: a 28 minute workout – hosted by Sam Wood no less. If you’re not familiar with the name, Sam was The Bachelor in Australia a few years ago, and he’s since launched 28 by Sam Wood, a home workout and healthy eating plan, accessible to all and highly adaptable to fit the needs of the individual. But how does 28 by Sam Wood work, and does it differ from other home exercise plans?

Who is 28 by Sam Wood Targeted At?

The adaptable nature of the programme means that it’s not aimed at any specific core group of people. However, a natural demographic is emerging, and it turns out that I fit it perfectly!

Presumably this is because it’s the ideal way to fit exercise into the hectic lifestyle of SAHM’s. With the variability of the plan catering to all levels, the flexibility of working out for just 28 minutes wherever and whenever it suits, the meal plans, and the support of Sam and the community, it’s easy to see the appeal for parents at home with the kids.

How Does 28 by Sam Wood Work? - Sam Wood and Kate Tunstall

My Current Fitness Levels (Cringe)

I used to be in the gym five times a week until I had children, at which point I had to prioritise my time and keeping fit became a luxury I could no longer afford. Now that Elfin is a toddler and I’m finally reclaiming some much-needed sleep, I’m running out of excuses. When this opportunity came up I’ll admit that my confidence was about as healthy as my fitness levels, but I knew I’d regret not giving it a shot.

I was unsure what to expect but as soon as I arrived at the venue everybody was really lovely and immediately put me at my ease. One of the reasons I love being a blogger is that I regularly get to see faces I recognise, and I was relieved to see several familiar faces working out beside me. I inadvertently managed to secure a mat at the front of the class which didn’t exactly help my anxiety over both feeling and most probably looking like I didn’t belong, but I quickly forgot my nerves as we began the routines.

How Does 28 by Sam Wood Work? - Exercise Class

28 by Sam Wood – the Workout

I was surprised by how easily the correct moves and form came back to me. Having done a lot of circuit classes in the past, I quickly began to feel comfortable – less so physically as Sam put us through our paces!

How Does 28 by Sam Wood Work? - Squat

I found Sam’s demeanour to be entirely supportive throughout – I’ve definitely taken more brutal classes in the past and thrived on it at the time, but this was geared up to be inclusive of everyone and I felt it really was.

When it comes to working out at home, Sam’s videos vary in tempo dependent upon your personal fitness and in that sense the class I took was representative of an easier level workout. If you feel able to take on more, the option is there to do so!

What if You’re Pregnant?

Of course there are particular circumstances which, though none should preclude you from working out, do require allowances, so I’m really impressed to see plans suitable for pregnant and postnatal women, and for low impact.

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28 by Sam Wood Recipes

In addition to Sam’s 28 minute workouts, there are also thousands of recipes to choose from. There are options for gluten free, vegetarian, and pescetarian, and I was lucky enough to be served one once we’d completed our class. I voted for goats cheese and avocado on granary toast, and it was delicious!

How Does 28 by Sam Wood Work? - Goats Cheese and Avocado on Toast

There’s a great feature when looking at the food section on the website that allows you to alter the servings. This automatically updates the recipe to the correct ingredients, thereby saving you time making the conversions yourself.

It’s a simple thing but for busy parents it’s really handy.

28 by Sam Wood – the App

An app has been released, and I have to say it’s impressive. It works well, and from my playing around with it so far, I haven’t noticed any glitches.

Sam mentioned that in Australia they’ve teamed up with a supermarket and the app has been developed to include a button to add recipe ingredients to a shopping basket, and then order them for delivery at the click of a button. I’ve not seen this feature on the UK app, but I have to say that if it became available it would be life-changing.

That may be a slight exaggeration but it’s no joke that shopping for healthy meals is one of my most hated chores. This would take the thinking out of creating tasty and nutritious family meals – what’s not to love?

In conclusion, I think the product is great for those looking for guidance with working out and eating well, and wanting support along the way. Having all facets together in a single programme gives 28 by Sam Wood the edge over other existing plans I’m aware of in the UK.


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  1. 28 has left me feeling so much more excited by improving my overall fitness than I’ve been in years. It’s like the program was built with parents in mind and I can fit it around my day to day life so easily. It was lovely to see you at the event! x

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