It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (I defy you not to have sung those words.) Are you getting excited? I’m really looking forward to the festivities as last year was a bit of a disaster: my poor SIL ended up in A&E (and was later admitted) as she contracted sepsis. It meant our turkey dinner was eaten in shifts and the Christmas cheer was somewhat absent – even the Christmas spirit was missing as I was pregnant too.

December is the month for bloggers to share our gift guides (unless we’re super organised!) – but they’re rarely about us. I’m big on self-care too, so I’ve been indulgently pondering precisely what it is I would like for Christmas this year. After a couple of false starts, I’ve come up with my perfect alternative Christmas list. Here it is:


The Alternative Christmas List for Busy Mums (and Dads)

Instead of an Iron… A Cleaner

Because firstly, if you iron, you clearly have too much time on your hands. Secondly, my husband knows this would *only* be acceptable as a joke. And thirdly, I could genuinely use the help. (But I promise duties will not include ironing.)


Instead of a Diary… A PA

Because one of the most arduous aspects of my life is the admin. I’m not talking work admin, I’m talking LIFE admin: mine, his, theirs. Yawn.


Instead of Perfume… An Entire Week of Solitary Showers

Because there’s little more frustrating than fiiiiinally settling the children sufficiently that I can grab a quick shower, only for the soundtrack to be screaming/wailing/sobbing in concert.


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Instead of a CD… Headphones

Noise-cancelling ones, obvs.


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Instead of Baileys… Luxury Pyjamas

Because, basically, the purpose of the alcohol is futile: while I share my home with a baby and a toddler I will not reach that elysium of peace. So I may as well be comfortable during the tag-team nightshifts, right?


Instead of Chocolate… Dairy-Free Chocolate Spread

Not sure this one requires an explanation. If it does, you must have missed the video


Instead of Slippers… Running Shoes

To run away encourage a little exercise and hopefully combat the stresses of being a WAHM to two little ones.


Having looked over my list carefully, I see that I’m asking for rather a lot. So I’ve managed to whittle it down to just two items, one of which pretty much covers every other component. What I need is, in fact, an au pair. Which reminds me…

My hubby has been waxing lyrical for weeks about how he’s bought me a Christmas gift that will literally change my life. He’s super impressed with himself. Hmmm…

I’ll keep you guys posted, but if it’s not an au pair then I reckon I’ll be getting that jar of DF chocolate spread and a spoon.

What’s on your Christmas list this year?



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