I’m full swing into the idea of moving home now, and just keeping everything crossed that the process continues smoothly from hereon in. I’ve given myself permission to if not start getting excited, then at least begin thinking about plans for our new home. It may seem a bit random, but one of the things I’ve been giving a lot of thought to is alternatives to radiators! Allow me to explain…

I’ve been considering how we’ll arrange the furniture in our new house, in terms of using the space available to its best advantage.

We were really keen to make the kitchen of this new house the hub of our home, and we’re fortunate that this property is absolutely set up for that.

I’d like to put a sofa in the kitchen for this purpose, but the only practical location has a radiator against the wall, so I’ve been wondering how to get around that issue. With a plumber for a husband, it should definitely be possible!

Style Your Home With Attractive Alternatives to Radiators

It got me to thinking about what options there are, and I got a bit excited. It won’t be feasible to overhaul the central heating in the house to an alternative system, but there are still alternatives available to us. And I thought I’d mention those which we can’t consider at this point too, in case they’re helpful to you!

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Visible Radiator Alternatives

Vertical Radiators

This is probably the most workable option to enable us to arrange our kitchen in the way we’d like. Vertical radiators are very similar to standard wall radiators, but they’re flush to the wall rather than sitting proud. They’re also more designed to be stylish, and are available in a range of contemporary colours, such as matte copper and dark grey.

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Essentially, these alternative radiators become a feature rather than an eyesore.

Radiator Covers

Another option, and one which I love for several reasons, is a radiator cover. We have these downstairs in our current home and though they’ll be a bit of an investment, I think they’re totally worth it.

This option won’t solve my sofa dilemma sadly, but I’d definitely be keen to put them in the rest of the house.

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Why am I such a fan? Firstly, they’re an attractive and effective way of childproofing hot radiators from curious little fingers. Plus, they double as perfect shelving for photo frames, candles, and coasters – again, keeping hot drinks out of the reach of small hands!

Discreet (Non-Visible) Alternatives to Radiators

Underfloor Heating

We’re lucky that the conservatory has underfloor heating, sadly the kitchen does not, and there’s no way we’ll be ripping the floors up in our new home to fit this alternative to radiators! however, if ever I’m in the fortunate position to build my own from scratch, then I’d opt for underfloor heating every time:

I suffer from chilblains and one cause is freezing cold feet in the winter, so this would be a massive win! Alas, I’ll have to stick with my unicorn slippers in the kitchen this winter…


Discreet, efficient, cost-effective – I love this idea as alternative heating to radiators.

Simply run heating pipes along the bottom of your walls (maybe have a plumber do this for you!), cover with Thermaskirt, and – ta-da! – discreet heating, done!

I’m sure it’s not quite so affordable if regular radiators have already been fitted, but I definitely like the concept. I’m not sure it would be a great idea with young children unfortunately, but one to bank for the future when we’re rich enough to build that home I mentioned above perhaps… One can dream, right?!

Which is your favourite of these radiator alternatives? Do you have any in your home?



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