[Ad] It’s my anniversary next month. We actually wed on the anniversary of the day we met four years previously, so it will be both our 8 year and our 12 year anniversary. Dan proposed with a beautiful and slightly unusual art deco engagement ring which I still adore today. Although had I known then what I know now, I’d have loved an authentic antique ring!

Is It Better to Buy New or Antique Jewellery?

Over the past couple of years my interest in sustainability has grown, and now more than ever I like to make environmentally conscious decisions wherever possible. I’ve always loved vintage styles of clothing and jewellery because they’re so timeless, and now I love them all the more because fast fashion is so destructive.

If I had my chance again now that I’m better informed, I’d definitely be looking at more ethical wedding rings and engagement rings.

Tanzanite and Diamond Ring

Benefits of Buying Vintage Engagement Rings and Jewellery

Here’s why choosing antique engagement rings is a great option:

1. Great Value!

You’ll often find that antique jewellery is excellent value. One reason is that you won’t pay VAT (VAT is only paid once, and that has happened already!). You’ll also save on manufacturing costs, and potentially high retail mark up costs if you’re purchasing from a stall or small online business.

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2. Retention of Value

Just like with brand new cars, you pay a premium for modern jewellery, simply because it’s new. 

In just the same way that classic cars are collectibles, so antique jewellery remains desirable and retains its value – and it may even increase.

3. High Quality

Most modern jewellery is cast, whereas authentic vintage engagement rings and other jewellery was nearly always handmade, or at least hand-finished. 

Gold Moss Agate Ring

Rich clients often commissioned bespoke pieces, which were created by highly accomplished artisan jewellers, using skilful techniques. The craftsmanship that went into antique jewellery is clear to see, and items which remain intact and in good condition today are built to stand the test of time, both in terms of style and quality.

4. Superior Ethics and Sustainability

Authentic vintage jewellery is ethical for a several reasons:

  1. Mining for gemstones and precious metals requires significant resources and is not really possible without impacting the environment. 
  2. As for so-called ‘blood diamonds’, they came into existence during the 80’s civil war in Africa, so items created prior to that time use ethical diamonds which are unsullied by controversy.
  3. You will be supporting a small business rather than a huge retailer or corporation.

If you want to be a conservator rather than a consumer, buy antique – it’s the most morally conscientious way to procure jewellery.

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5. Exclusivity

If you like to stand out from the crowd then vintage is the way to go. 

Antique jewellery was not mass produced, and as it was generally handcrafted or hand-finished, you’re far more likely to have a completely unique piece, or at least dissimilar to much of what you will find on the market today.

6. Authenticity

Rather than looking for an engagement ring that’s ‘in keeping with’ or ‘in the style of’ a specific genre, buying antique ensures a bona fide piece from the era, as demonstrated by the workmanship and materials of the period.

7. Romance

Every vintage piece of jewellery has its very own story. Even if you don’t have the privilege of knowing its history, the very fact that it has been commissioned and worn before during a different love story, is enchanting and romantic.

8. Impeccable Style

Purchasing an authentic antique requires imagination and determination! But finding The One is incredibly rewarding and brings immense satisfaction. 

Why I Love My Art Deco Engagement Ring

I love my engagement ring because it’s unusual. And I always admire unique pieces of authentic vintage jewellery when I see them; I’m fascinated by their story – or even just the fact of their story, which I can have the fun of guessing at, but will likely never know the truth of.

If you’re interested in purchasing a piece of antique jewellery, check out Carus Jewellery for a selection of beautiful, authentic items.



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