When I fell pregnant the first time I was so excited to kit myself out with all the gorgeous new accessories my world was suddenly opened up to. I’m talking pushchairs and maternity wear and the like – those that had previously not featured on my radar, yet many of which are undeniably stylish! But most of all, there was a particular change bag I lusted after and which has done me well for several years now. But, the time has come to move on. I was recently in the market for the perfect change bag for a toddler and small child: the best backpack change bag.

Is this the best backpack style change bag on the market? Technically, no - but it may just be the perfect backpack change bag for a #toddler! #changingbag

With Pixie, I made do with an ugly satchel-style cool bag from the supermarket, into which I stuffed wipes, a spare nappy, a drink and snacks. But it was always bulging and I never liked it. Then I went back to my much-loved change bag for a while, but now I’m ready to upgrade to something completely new and which I  love equally. I began my search for the perfect change bag for a toddler, and my only non-negotiable criteria were that it had to be a backpack and – obviously – it had to be a change bag.

My Search for the Best Backpack Change Bag

Except when I started looking and was in discussions with a lovely brand called Ju-Ju-Be, I fell in love with one of their backpacks which is not a change bag. I had a really long and hard think and in the end I decided that since Elfin is already nine months and weaning onto solids, I had no real need for the change bag aspect.

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Ju-Ju-Be Backpack Nameplate

What I was most concerned about was the lack of change mat, but that quickly became moot when I realised she has entered a new phase; I’m coining it the Tasmanian Devil phase.

I’m sure it’s not necessary to explain what I’m referring to, but just in case you’re yet to hit this milestone with your little darling, I’ll give you a heads up because I’m nice like that. Basically, one day your child will wake up and no longer accept being laid on their back for nappy changes. They’ll wriggle and writhe as though you’re torturing them, until you quit and chase them around the room with a fistful of wipes and a nappy instead. Such fun!
Hint: This is the time to replace traditional nappies with pull-ups – sooooo much easier.

The Perfect Change Bag for a Toddler?

When I realised that the change mat was, in fact, surplus to requirements, I adjusted my criteria for the best backpack change bag for our needs – and opted for the standard (as in not changing) bag I’d fallen for…


I’ll probably treat myself to a small cool bag to sit inside here in the summer for those essential snacks, but otherwise this is absolutely ideal exactly as it is.

And isn’t she a beauty?

Inside Backpack

I love this bag because not only is the design très chic and the colour vibrant and gorgeous (and perfect to complement my new coat!), it’s also superior quality:

  • The metal hardware is all covered during shipping to ensure it arrives in perfect condition with no scratches;
  • The bag uses Teflon™ fabric protector which helps repel stains;
  • Agion® treatment protects the liner by inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria, mould and mildew.

Backpack Metal Hardware

But possibly the best thing of all is that this stunning bag is the perfect size for a mummy carrying a baby on her front – or for a little toddler’s back. Win! (Assuming she’s in the right mood to help mummy out…)

I was gifted this bag in exchange for my honest review.

What criteria do you look for in the best backpack change bag? Do you agree this is the perfect change bag for a toddler?

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