I’m currently looking into mobile phones, and as a blogger one of my top priorities is taking good shots, so I’m on the search for the best camera phone on the market. Mine’s not actually due for renewal for another six months, but I fear I’m going to have to bite the bullet sooner than that.

Why do I need to replace my mobile?

My baby girl has a bit of a fascination with my mobile phone. Thankfully it’s not the kind where she likes to play with it (yet) – she ’s only just turned one, give me some credit! No, her obsession is for chewing. I’m not entirely sure why a piece of metal and plastic is apparently the ideal teether, but there we have it. And between the gnawing and the dropping – my phone is pretty wrecked and I need a new one.

When I bought my current phone I went for a Google Pixel XL and I was very impressed with the photo quality for a long time – until my husband got his new Samsung and I was quite surprised by the difference in quality. In fairness, I can’t help but wonder whether perhaps my camera has deteriorated over time, because it was truly brilliant when I first took it home.

So, which phones should I be considering in 2018?

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Best Camera Phone on the Market Right Now

Having done a little research, the phones that have come up again and again are…

Apple iPhone X, £959

  • Rear Camera: 12Mp + 12Mp (2x zoom);
  • Front Camera: 7Mp;
  • Video (Best): 4K at 60fps, stabilised;
  • Special Features: Portrait Lighting
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This is currently the most expensive flagship phone on the market and, as ever, Apple do a fantastic job. My research tells me that people are paying for a stunning piece of kit and are impressed. Having switched over from a laptop to a Macbook 18 months ago, I can believe it. Their products are sleek: visually and technologically.

The S9 has the edge over iPhone X thanks to its performance in low light and its 2x telephoto camera; however, the iPhone X has the best phone camera from Apple to date so I don’t think this will disappoint.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, £739 / £869

  • Rear Camera: 12Mp + 12Mp (2x zoom);
  • Front Camera: 8Mp;
  • Video (Best): 4K at 60fps, stabilised;
  • Special Features: 960fps slo-mo

This little beast sounds pretty exceptional: The S9 and S9 Plus have auto-adjustable apertures (f/1.5 and f/2.4) – which is very handy for somebody who will be taking a lot of photos and wanting good, on the fly shots which are Instagram-worthy! There’s also a pro function, allowing you to manually switch if you’re confident doing so. This camera is also alleged to be great in low light – another bonus for photographers.

So, what’s the difference between these two cameras? Well, the S9 Plus has a second 12MP sensor with a “telephoto” lens. But should you pay the additional £130 for the extra features? This post might help you decide.

Huawei P20 Pro, £799

  • Rear Camera: 40Mp, 20Mp (mono), 8Mp (3x zoom);
  • Front Camera: 24Mp;
  • Video (Best): 4K at 30fps, not stabilised;
  • Special Features: Six-second long exposure, light painting, 960fps slo-mo

I have it on good authority that this phone has a superb camera, whether you’re an amateur or photography enthusiast. Of course I’m not suggesting it will completely replace an actual camera, but as mobile phones go, this is definitely up there, competing with Samsung S9 Plus and the iPhone X. The P20 Pro has three cameras on the back: one 40MP main sensor, a 20MP black and white one and a 3x zoom 8MP camera! But apparently the winning feature is its performance in low light.

I understand this to be a solid contender.

Google Pixel 2XL, £599

  • Rear Camera: 12.2Mp;
  • Front Camera: 8Mp;
  • Video (Best): 4K at 30fps, stabilised;
  • Special Features: AR Stickers

I’m struggling here because I personally love the idea of a telephoto camera to provide that visually appealing background blur – which the Pixel 2XL does not have! However, having used a Google phone for some time, I feel that a I may be swayed to stick with them for the storage capability. In case you’re not aware, when you use a Google phone you have unlimited cloud storage as part of the deal, and I love that feature: my photos are auto-backed up with zero hassle, and I can access them anywhere. All at no cost. (Stored at original quality for all images uploaded until 2020, and reduced to high quality for images uploaded after 2020.)

Plus, the current price (based on SIM free from Carphone Warehouse at time of writing), is very competitive compared to other handsets here.


Best Camera Phone on the Market – My Verdict

My personal requirements for a new phone are simply a reliable operating system with a great, easy to use point and shoot camera. Following my research I think it’s fair to say that all of the phones mentioned here are excellent contenders with very decent cameras, and are the best currently available.

But which will I be selecting for my next purchase?

Without having had the opportunity to lay my hands on all of these phones and try them out for myself, I’m leaning towards the Huawei P20 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. This is largely based on camera performance – but of course there’s much more you may want to consider. For a more detailed look at these mobile phones and to compare other handsets, you may want to check out other reviews and compare pricing for monthly contracts.

As I’m looking to buy a handset outright, my next job is trying to find a sim only plan. There are a lot of deals out there but fortunately, they can be filtered down quite quickly on comparison sites, so finding the best one to meet my needs shouldn’t be too difficult.

Have you used any of these phones? Which do you think is the best camera phone on the market today?

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