Today I’m going to be talking about menstruation, so if you’re squeamish or a prude, look away now. But please don’t – because if you’re a woman this applies to you, and if you’re a guy then it applies to your girlfriend/wife/daughters. And ethical feminine care is need-to-know-stuff. Especially if you’re one of the 80% of women who believes tampons are made of harmless cotton. (In case you’re in any doubt of the implication – they’re not.) If you want to know some of the best organic tampons, read on.

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If you’re one of those lucky women whose partner is totally modern and takes care of you when you’re feeling rough and run down with your monthly – and who’ll nip out to buy you tampons no less – that’s wonderful. But what if I told you there are some grim facts pertaining to your periods that you’re probably unaware of – and that there’s a better way?

Feminine Hygiene Versus Feminine Care

Until I read the information contained within the press release I received about periods and feminine hygiene, I didn’t realise how sheltered we all are about the subject. I know it’s not the most pleasant discussion to have around a dinner table, but do you know what’s less pleasant? The fact that we’re unwittingly putting plastic inside our bodies, and – get this – chemically bleached synthetic fibres. Gross.

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Tampons and pads are not all they're cracked up to be. If you knew what they're made from, would you consider an alternative? This brilliant new brand may just be the best organic tampons you'll find on the market... #femininecare #periods #tampons

Yep, the word ‘gross’ features in my post about periods – but not in the context of natural bodily functions (we’re all adults); instead it’s in reference to the lack of natural, organic products available to women in the 21st century. This needs to change for the better. Working towards more transparency is critical, and feminine care must be made a greater priority – even more so in other countries. ethical-feminine-care

&SISTERS, brainchild of Claire Lettice who founded the company after setting out to uncover the reason there was no list of ingredients on a box of tampons, is a brilliant new brand and concept…

Ethical Feminine Care You Can Trust

When she got some disturbing answers to her probing questions, Claire commissioned her own research into the area. She discovered that not only are women naive to the manufacturing process of their tampons and pads, but those responsible want it to remain that way. (Dare I say it, the word patriarchy springs to mind – lining pockets is of greater importance than women’s health.) But Claire was not impressed with these findings and decided to bring about change in order to create the best organic tampons she could bring to a market crying out for such a product.

Right now, clean is commensurate with health, and natural, environmentally-friendly products are big business – as a society we’re actively seeking organic over synthetic, and ethical over budget…Enter &SISTERS.

Best Organic Tampons - &SISTERS Products

The Best Organic Tampons?

If you’re one of those looking to make a positive difference personally and on a wider scale, then you can’t go wrong with this fantastic new brand, which is:

  • Better for the body – natural, reliable, and free from grim chemicals;
  • Better for the planet – sustainable and biodegradable, using 91% less water and 62% less energy than conventional products;
  • Better for womankind – ‘Period poverty’ is a global issue, with UNICEF estimating 1 in 10 girls in Africa and India missing or dropping out of school because of their periods. Sadly this has significant knock-on effects in terms of their futures. &SISTERS has pledged to donate 10% of profits to Binti in India and AFRIpads in Africa – charities committed to working to fight the issue.

Claire has thought of everything with this business model, and as well as manufacturing more conscientious products, &SISTERS also offers amazing convenience: a service you didn’t know you needed, until – ta-da – it has become available…

The brand offers a subscription service with a fully customisable package delivered to your doorstep, on a schedule to fit your personal needs. Few women use just pads or just tampons, so this subscription allows you to pick and mix products to suit your preferences. And Claire is generously giving my readers a £4.50 discount off their first customised order using the code ‘madejustforme’.

If you’re looking for the best organic tampons on the market, you won’t go far wrong with &SISTERS.


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