[AD: I was gifted the device in exchange for my honest opinion.] A few months ago Pixie and I were invited to a very cool event for Halloween. It was hosted by Kimberly Wyatt (she’s lovely) and we had a really great time finding out about a smart new product Lenovo have brought out. Kimberly demonstrated for us the best things the Lenovo Smart Display can do, and now I’m really excited to finally have my review for you, along with some of my favourite features.

If you missed my earlier post, that may be a good place to start for an introduction to the product. Suffice to say the Lenovo Smart Display is enabled with the Google Assistant, and in my opinion she’s way bright than Alexa who is a bit…simple. It’s okay guys, remember these are not real people so it’s not rude! Bottom line: Amazon need to up their game to compete because right now Google are winning.

Lenovo Smart Display Appearance

Aesthetically, I really like the product. It has a clever wedge design that enables it to stand in either portrait or landscape orientation whilst keeping bulk and weight to a minimum, and providing a ‘handle’ of sorts to grip. It looks good and functionally it works well. The top of the device has volume buttons (which, naturally, can also be controlled by voice command).

For the security conscious, it also features switches to turn off the mic and camera when they’re not in use.

Best Things the Lenovo Smart Display Can Do - Lenovo Smart Display Volume Buttons

The Lenovo Smart Display comes in either 8 or 10 inch, with the smaller version being all white and the larger version featuring bamboo casing on the back. I have the 8 inch and it’s sufficient, although if you have plenty of available work surface, I’d personally recommend the bigger one.

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What Does the Lenovo Smart Display Actually Do?

What’s its purpose, and why do you need it in your life? Well, essentially it combines all the cool features of the Google Home (or it’s stupider competition, the Amazon Echo) with the enhancing visual element of a screen. It’s designed to live in your kitchen, and it really does become the hub of the home. Trust me, once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without.

Here are some of the coolest things you can do with your Lenovo Smart Display…

Check out the 8 best things your Lenovo Smart Display can do! #lenovosmartdisplay #homehub

The Coolest Features of the Lenovo Smart Display

Schedule Using the Lenovo Smart Display

You can connect your Google calendar and keep the family’s engagements streamlined in one viewable place. It’s so handy to be able to glance at the screen and very quickly see what you have on for the day. You can also tell it to add appointments, and with a simple command you’ll get a quick snapshot of your day, including news and travel. The device is so smart that it can recognise up to six voices, providing each family member their own personalised briefing.

Entertainment on the Lenovo Smart Display

If you have kids, you’ll very quickly appreciate the convenience of streaming videos and music with a simple voice command. Most mornings I sit my girls up at the breakfast bar and have the Lenovo Smart Display entertain them while I make breakfast.

Judge if you want but if you have young children you’ll get it – and you’ll love it.

Best Things the Lenovo Smart Display Can Do - Lenovo Smart Display Back View

Shopping Lists With the Lenovo Smart Display

You can set your device up to add items to your shopping list. Rummage in the cupboard, find you’re running low on something, say it out loud and forget it. So cool for busy parents.

Recipes With the Lenovo Smart Display

Love to bake? Want your children to be involved but find following recipes stressful whilst also keeping them safe/from destroying the kitchen?

Having a recipe both displayed and read out to you, handsfree and at your pace, is a game-changer.

Locate Your Phone With the Lenovo Smart Display

Lost you phone in the house? Let’s be real, this happens more often than it should. Simply command Google to find it, and she’ll call your mobile. (Is it weird I’ve given her a pronoun? She’s become part of the family, I can’t deny it.)

Best Things the Lenovo Smart Display Can Do - Lenovo Smart Display Back View

Make Handsfree (Video) Calls With the Lenovo Smart Display

Super useful for when you’re busy pottering in the kitchen and need to make a quick call. You can also call landlines.

Relive Precious Memories With the Lenovo Smart Display

I wouldn’t personally have gone and bought an electronic photo frame, because for me photos lose something when they’re digitally displayed. It’s a bit of a moronic and incorrect opinion actually, because now we have one for free in the Lenovo Smart Display, I can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to see old memories replayed. These are priceless moments that in many cases I’d never look at again if not for this device. It’s been so worth taking an hour to curate an album of images our family love.

Score Points Against Your Partner With the Lenovo Smart Display

With Google’s encyclopaedic knowledge, it’s easier than ever to correct your partner when they spout nonsense at you.

Caution: Just be certain that you’re definitely right before using this feature.

Lenovo Smart Display Value for Money

The 8 inch display retails at £179.99 and the 10 inch at £229.99. The whole family use our Lenovo Smart Display daily and are discovering new features all the time. For the amount of use we get from ours and the convenience she brings to everyday life, they’re well worth the investment in my opinion.

Do you have a Lenovo Smart Display? What’s your favourite feature?

I was gifted the Lenovo Smart Display in exchange for this post . All opinions are my own. 

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