[Ad – this is a commissioned post. Contain affiliate links.] Since we moved home we’ve had little opportunity to get out in the garden. We finally completed and collected our keys in October, and naturally our attention was focused on getting straight inside. Once we’d achieved that mammoth task, we were in the thick of winter, and it’s still frigid outside!

Each time the sun pokes through the clouds, I ask Google (I recently reviewed the Lenovo Smart Display if you’re interested) what the temperature is and I’m disappointed anew that we can expect highs of barely above freezing!

Our family loves getting outside and I know the girls, as much as me, are missing immersing ourselves in nature.

We keep planning to wrap up warm and do some exploring of the local area, but it’s soooo cold at the moment I struggle to find the motivation! We’ve been geocaching a couple of times since we moved but very quickly the girls are too cold, and let’s be real – so am I, even with my ingenious heated coat! I should make more effort to spend a little time outdoors at home, but even that seems unfathomable until the weather improves just a little.


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Preparing Our Garden for Summer

Our new garden is a very manageable size, and mostly ‘done’ already. I’m very excited for the warmer weather so we can visit our local garden centre to pick up bulbs which we’ll encourage the girls to help plant, and perhaps some bedding plants, such as pansies which I love, to add immediate colour.

We’ll take the girls to choose their preferred colours from the trays on display, so they can really be involved in the whole process from selection through to going home and getting their hands dirty!

One of the things we’re not so overjoyed about in our garden is the fact it’s a bit overlooked. Unfortunately, where we live it’s kind of inevitable. The houses are built on top of one another, even those that are detached. If you want to live in our town then you have to accept that and try to work with it – there are very few houses that are not overlooked by the neighbours! Thankfully it’s just one area of our plot, so could be much worse.


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The Best Trees for Privacy

With the above in mind, I’m keen to look into the possibility of planting a few trees along one side of the garden. I’ve been doing a bit of research on The Tree Centre website and have discovered that the Leyland Cypress, or Leylandii, is ideal for this purpose. It’s relatively inexpensive, fast growing, and being evergreen it’s also attractive year-round. I just need to make Dan aware that he’ll need to stay on top of it, else we risk the garden being overtaken – it’s notorious for getting out of control!

We have little to do in terms of maintenance or work, so we’re really looking forward to having the time to complete fun projects with the girls, and simply enjoy being outdoors. We’ll refresh their sand table with new sand, order some chalk for the patio so we can teach them how to play hopscotch, and invest in a new paddling pool.

All we need now in some sunshine and warmth roll on spring!



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