I need a new mobile. I’ve made mine sluggish by filling it with photos, because when we have children and especially since the invention of camera phones, that’s what we do. But what we (by which I mean I) do not subsequently do, is anything with those special photographs; unless of course they’ve been taken specifically for IG – in which case they’re wonderful faceless memories. I really need to make time for doing more with those little pieces of family history. But what’s the best way to print photos from my phone so I go on to actually display them – while they’re still so relevant and meaningful?

Because when it comes to printing photographs, we’re most likely to select images from recent family events, to help us commit them to memory. Anything older than a year is, frankly, unlikely to see the light of day.

We’d have been better not picking up the phone in the first place, instead being fully immersed in the moment. Such a sad waste!

Recalling the Baby Days With Fondness

For all the complaining we do about our little cherubs (in jest, naturally…) things always look brighter after a good sleep, and the fact is that our babies are not babies for long (enough?).

As each bittersweet milestone rolls around, we mourn the loss of the younger infant we’ll never have back even as we embrace the astonishing love and awe we feel for the child they’re becoming. It’s a contradiction of the human psyche, as old as time. We will never overcome it, we must simply each experience it – and then smile knowingly at those we see on the path to better sleep and fewer meltdowns.

With the above in mind, I want to make a bigger effort to start displaying images of my girls; I’d like to create a photo wall of precious family moments across the years. Because I never quite find the time…

So when I had the opportunity to collaborate with Cheerz to create some beautiful prints of my daughters, I jumped at the chance. This was exactly the nudge I needed.

What’s the Best Way to Print Photos From My Phone?

I chose canvases as I don’t have any and they’re showstopper pieces which I’ve always admired in other peoples’ homes…

Photographs by Marshmallow Photography.

But Cheerz also offer photo books, calendars, and magnets. And for peace of mind, all items are handmade in their own warehouse and sent with tracked delivery.

When I came to order online my photos wouldn’t upload which was irritating, but my contact was really helpful and advised that it could be the browser I was using (Firefox). It was recommended that the bet way to proceed was via their app, which is available for both iPhone and Android.

This was life lifechanging – Cheerz offers you an incredibly simple and quick way to select a photo on your phone, crop it, edit it and have it on order, all within minutes. Ta-da – every grandparent’s birthday and Christmas gift sorted for the rest of their days.

Cheerz, for All Your Family Photo Needs

When the package arrived I was thrilled with the result, as was my husband. I was alerted that one of the photos I uploaded may be pixelated, but being stubborn I ignored it because the image was around 3000 pixels wide. I’m glad I didn’t heed the warning because each of the prints are perfect and I love them. Of course, a professional family photoshoot helps achieve great photos!

We can’t wait to move home (another story for another day) and hang all of our fabulous canvases to help speed up the process of making a different house into our new home.

What’s the best way to print photos from my phone? An app designed for the purpose couldn’t be easier! And with canvases starting from £28, plus new sizes launching soon starting at just £15, they’re also really affordable.

I was gifted the canvases in exchange for this post.

An award-nominated blogger and author, Kate is a huge advocate of personal growth, focusing on journaling to increase positivity and facilitate mindful motherhood. With a wealth of experience in breastfeeding and CMPA, Kate is also an expert baby sleep chaser. Her writing has appeared on Mothercare, Huff Post, and BritMums.

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