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I’m not certain whether this makes me or my hubby weird, but we’ve a fundamental difference between us in how we approach and feel about getting stuff done. Basically, if he’s going to make a purchase, he thrives on researching Every. Single. Aspect. of the product or service before flexing the credit card.

I can lose him to the interwebs for days at a time until he’s confident he’s got The Right Item in his sights. And when he resurfaces from his elicit liaison with Ms Google, he’s satiated and serene.

Whereas, I sort of do the same, but with one stratospheric difference…

I’m a perfectionist, and the thought of making the wrong purchase is a major source of stress to me. Coupled with the fact I cannot stand to pay over the odds for anything, I too am guilty of disappearing down the rabbit hole of Mr Google, until I find the best product for the best price.

But I do not enjoy the process: it’s simply a means to an end.

So when I resurface it’s with a tension headache from the ball of frustration throbbing somewhere between my temples.

When it comes to holiday season for example, it’s not an exaggeration to say we’ve discounted vacations purely because I’ve got too wound up thinking about them. I know, I know – ridiculous. Now I mostly allow hubby to sort them out and just take over from the point of packing.

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Alas, there are certain times in life when I have to do the admin legwork. The bottom line is that we each have our strengths and hubby’s are more practical while mine are more, well, this.

So essentially, where administrative tasks are concerned, if there’s a shortcut to be had then I’m all over it like beans on toast.

Bidvine Review – Is Bidvine Legit?

So when Bidvine asked me to try out their service for finding and obtaining quotes from local professionals, I was intrigued. Having read other Bidvine reviews, I agreed to give it a go and work with them and give my honest opinion too.

What follows is my own experience at the time of writing, as a consumer. I’ve since become aware of some issue for businesses using the service, but I’m unable to comment on that aspect as I’ve not tested the service from that standpoint.

What I can promise, however, is that everything I say is authentic – being compensated for my time does not guarantee a good review; it guarantees a balanced review, based on honesty.

For what it’s worth, I think bidvine’s concept of putting freelancers in contact with clients is great. I also think Bidvine could improve their business model – if my understanding of it is correct – by simply restructuring and generating revenue by running ads on the site.

What is Bidvine?

To see how the process worked, I was tasked with looking for a photographer in our locale. The online system is self-explanatory and easy to use: input your requirements and they will do the rest. Naturally, the more detail you can provide at this stage, the more tailored/accurate the quotes you’ll receive back.

Bidvine Review - is Bidvine legit?
How Does Bidvine work?

I was particularly impressed with the fact I was kept fully up to date as to how my query was being handled and when I could expect to start receiving quotes.

Unfortunately for me, Bid vine is still growing and there aren’t currently as many professionals signed up in my area as in many others, meaning you might get more options than I did. But I did receive quotes and while one requested more information from me, another was actually a great deal had I wanted to go ahead.

Is Bidvine any good?

If you’re short on time and looking for a selection of quotes before committing to making a purchase, whether it to be for building work or a massage, this is a fab new service for the consumer and I highly recommend giving them a try!

As a freelancer / business, I can’t comment with firsthand experience  But I suggest checking out further reviews as it would seem that it can be a bit of a gamble.

This Bidvine review was originally sponsored by Bidvine and has since been updated.

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    Dear Kate,

    Having been approached by Bidvine myself (on behalf of my client’s website), I was interested to learn what this was about, so I’ve tried to find honest reviews of their offering – hence landing here. It appears since Bidvine have sponsored your review, this cannot be the independent and impartial opinion I was seeking ! Have I misunderstood something ?


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