Bloom and Wild review: Letterbox flowers delivered through your door – but do they live up to their promise? I was sent the Bloom and Wild Eloise letterbox flowers to see what I thought…

A Review of Bloom and Wild Letterbox Flowers

Though I appreciate the beauty of flowers, there aren’t many bouquets that are likely to make me go especially weak at the knees – because of course they’re all lovely.

But there is one exception: the peony.

I adore peonies. I love the beauty of the blooms; the vibrant colours; and the fragrance. In fact, my fervour for this particular flower inspired me to write this post about wedding flowers – I wasn’t a ‘Bridezilla’ at all, but when I realised I’d be unable to carry peonies on my wedding day, I was crestfallen. (Luckily I had a fab florist who found a similar-looking rose for me!)

So, when my first delivery arrived from Bloom and Wild this week, I was utterly delighted to receive the Eloise bouquet!

Bloom and Wild Review - Eloise Letterbox Bouquet

Bloom and Wild Review: Gorgeous Letterbox Flowers

The Eloise Letterbox Flower Bouquet

I didn’t know quite what to expect; could flowers truly be packaged – in a box – not only survive transit and being dropped through a letterbox, but also still be beautiful on arrival? I was sceptical to say the least.

Suffice to say I was not disappointed: my flowers were stunning.

The box arrived very clearly marked to show that the parcel was time-sensitive and should be posted through the letterbox; which is, after all, Bloom & Wild’s USP! As it turns out, I have a silly postman who knocked on my door regardless (perhaps he can’t read…what a perfect irony that would be). Luckily I was home to take delivery because I’d have been very disappointed had the delivery been returned to the depot!

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How Are Bloom and Wild Able to Achieve This Ingenious Mastery?!

Inside the box, the flowers are beautifully wrapped and tied with a ribbon.

Boxed Eloise Letterbox Bouquet

The box displays clear care instructions, and plant food is provided – there are even tips for arranging your bouquet! The stems are topped and tailed, allowing for a generous spray once arranged. Even better, each delicate bloom is individually (and cleverly) protected. It’s really very smart, and quite novel! Best of all, it works – spectacularly well!

Bloom and Wild Review - Eloise Letterbox Bouquet

As I prepared my posy, I naturally inspected them for quality and freshness. And I didn’t find a single negative point to make. The packaging is professional and attractive, and the peonies themselves are stunning. I was genuinely impressed, and will not hesitate to send these as a gift.

Bloom and Wild Eloise Letterbox Bouquet
The Bloom and Wild Eloise Bouquet

They’re so pretty, now I just hope they last well!

Ps. Bloom and Wild – please send me more beautiful letterbox peonies for review!

PPS. They lasted beautifully.

I hope you’ll love your first order of letterbox flowers! (Get yours here.) And if you found this Bloom and Wild review helpful, please share with your friends.

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  1. Kate Tunstall Reply

    I know! Honestly, I was managing my expectations… But I was totally delighted with them! ?

  2. Lorraine Love Reply

    I love the product but if anything ever does go wrong beware as the customer support is terrible and they have the nerve to call themselves “customer delight associates”! Such a sick making job title.

  3. Jane Bruce Reply

    I have sent flowers to my daughters a number of times through Bloom & Wild and each time they have been delighted with the bouquets. They are so beautifully wrapped & in such good condition when they arrive & bloom the following day without fail! Wonderful! Will continue to use them above all the others. Thank you.

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