[Ad] There are so many reason to feel down about lockdown. From the isolation and desperately missing loved ones, to the for for our livelihoods and the economy going forwards, to the devastation about what is happening to our country and our world – there’s legitimate cause for sadness

BUT – if we look for them, there are also reasons to smile; lots of them.

I’ve been trying my damnedest to look after myself so I don’t inadvertently disappear down a dangerous rabbit hole of misery – both physically and mentally. 

I’ve taken up running again! It’s been literally years since I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy regular exercise, and it’s been a revelation. With so much time to fill, and an urgent need to have a brief reprieve from the incessant neediness of bored children, getting out for a run has become my escape.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I’ve been able to build up my stamina again, and was running more than three miles by my third run. Alas, within just a two weeks, my knees protested and I had no choice but to rest.

Whilst recovering I took the opportunity to do some strengthening exercises using kettle bells in the garden, and to get reacquainted with a punch bag. Pushing my body again has been rejuvenating, and I’ve enjoyed the buzz – and the freedom from guilt over my less than perfect diet!

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Because rest assured – cake features heavily in my lockdown diet. Right now life is about survival, and for me that includes the pleasure of my favourite foods on a very regular basis.

Quarantine equates to a great deal of necessary restrictions – now is absolutely not the time for more self-imposed denial.

Thanks to my new exercise regime, I’m seeing small positive changes in my body – I feel stronger (if not firmer!), and I’m slowly getting faster too. But, to balance pushing myself physically, I’m also making the most of this time to treat my body kindly.

The outside pressure to dress nicely – imagined or not – has been lifted, and I’m dressing in far more relaxed clothes. Every day! 

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Ordinarily I take care over my appearance and it’s something I take some pleasure in, but with contact with others extremely limited, and some days completely non-existent, there seems little point in applying make up or wearing my best clothes.

I’ve seen lots of posts from other women talking about the benefit to their wellbeing of getting up and dressing in lovely clothes, applying their cosmetics and doing their hair. And while I applaud anybody who feels fabulous for doing so, personally I’ve found it liberating to use this time to let go of that expectation.

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Incidentally, I am fully aware that it’s an expectation I place on myself, but that’s why it’s been so freeing for me – I’m giving myself a much needed break from something I’ve mechanically done my entire life.

For now, I’m making the most of it. 

How have your habits changed during lockdown?


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