I recently compiled a gift guide featuring Lakeland‘s fab selection of Christmas consumables, and this week I have a special gift guide dedicated to their boozy treats! You’re welcome. (I may have photographed one or two of these items as empty boxes, oops. But at least it means I can assure you of their deliciousness.)

Combining two of my favourite things, for anyone wanting to know, these items are all on my Christmas wish list.

The thing with boozy chocolates is that they’re only really acceptable at this time of the year, aren’t they? And I’m not sure it’s ever legit to buy them for yourself (thoughts?); so whenever I open a box of these on the big day (not often enough, in case you’re wondering), I’m genuinely delighted. This is why for me, liqueurs are the ultimate gift for anyone who you know enjoys them.

Here are my top picks from Lakeland this year…

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Boozy Christmas Treats Gift Guide, With Lakeland

Niederegger Irish Coffee Loaves

Lakeland Christmas Irish Coffee Chocs

I have a confession: when I planned this gift guide, I made an assumption about these based on their name. They’re flavoured with marzipan, but they’re not technically boozy according to the description on Lakeland’s site. Either way, they sound delicious, so the Irish Coffee loaves stay on the list – as an option for the teetotalists in our lives. £4.99.

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Get yours here.

Vergani Assorted Creme Liqueur Chocolates

Lakeland Christmas Creme Liqueur Truffles

I can vouch for this one, and they’re very decadent. The perfect way to relax in the evening, and I imagine even better once the Christmas decs have been hung. Excellent value at just £6.99.

Get yours here.

Buttermilk Rum Hot Chocolate Crumbly Fudge

Lakeland Christmas Rum Fudge

Well that’s embarrassing – I somehow managed to put the two things I’ve already scoffed next to each other in the list. I’m a big fudge fan and these were exceptionally good – I highly recommend. £2.99.

Get yours here.

Jim Beam Milk Chocolate Truffles

Lakeland Christmas Jim Beam Truffles

The perfect indulgent accompaniment to a warming coffee this winter. £4.99.

Get yours here.

Joe And Seph’s Espresso Martini Caramel Sauce

Lakeland Christmas Espresso Martini Caramel Sauce

Incredibly I’ve so far resisted breaking into this jar. It sounds divine and I can’t wait to open it! Best enjoyed with waffles, ice cream, or – my personal preference – with a spoon. £4.99.

Get yours here.

Abtey Whisky And Rhum Dark Chocolate Liqueur Assortment

Lakeland Christmas Whisky Liqueurs

Much though I’d love to open this box, I’d never live it down. Earmarked for my mum (if you’re reading you’d better share!). £10.99.

Get yours here.

Cottage Delight Gin And Prosecco Preserves Selection Gift Set

Lakeland Christmas Gin and Prosecco Gift Set

A truly fabulous gift for gin and prosecco lovers, and one I should really put by to wrap up for someone special.

But I can’t do it – this will be enjoyed in our new home during the festivities.

Join us for a boozy Christmas breakfast, or be sure to grab one of your own! £23.99.

Get yours here.

This concludes my top picks of Lakeland’s brilliant boozy selection for this year. Following the huge success of the giveaway over on the original gift guide (most popular I’ve ever hosted!), I’m delighted to announce that the brand are generously offering a second trug for another giveaway!

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Lakeland Christmas Trug

Enter below for another chance to win one in time for Christmas!

In exchange for creating this gift guide, I received samples of the featured products.



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