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Bullying, Opinion

The Label I Cannot Stand Being Thrown Around Like Confetti

As a rule, I try these days to spend most of my time in a bubble of positivity. I don’t want drama in my life and I’ve taken great steps to remove it where necessary. I will cut people out of my life, no matter who they are, if they bring nothing but stress or misery. That may sound harsh but it’s not something I do lightly; it’s a painful  ...

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Blogging, Opinion

Do You Truly Want to See Me Fail?

I want to start by saying this is not about me; or at least it’s not just about me. I’m writing this on behalf of many fellow bloggers who, over time, have privately, quietly – sadly – relayed similar scenarios. I’m writing this to hopefully bring some focus to an issue which impacts so many of us, yet seems to go largely  ...

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Lifestyle, Opinion

The One Thing All Work at Home Parents MUST Do To Be Successful

I recently published a post about the fact that I struggle to find the time to fundraise, and mostly it’s because I’m also trying to maintain a business behind the scenes. One of the difficulties work at home parents face is that when you work from home, people tend to forget that sometimes, you have to work. This can apply to  ...

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Breastfeeding, Opinion

The Day Dr Chris & the BBC Failed to Advocate Breastfeeding

What does the BBC mean to you? For me (scandal aside, obvs) it stands for good, proper, ethical, but most of all balanced news. It does not, or it should not – to my understanding at least – be associated with bias, agenda, or ulterior motive. That’s not the point of the BBC. We all pay towards it (my thoughts on that are for  ...

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Breastfeeding, Opinion

Breastfeed? Why That Makes You a Martyr

I wrote this post before I became pregnant with Elfin. Of course I’m currently breastfeeding again, and I’ve also been dairy-free for nearly a year – meaning this post is now more relevant than ever. Breastfeeding is a subject close to my heart. It’s something I’ve written about many times over the last couple of years  ...

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Opinion, Pregnancy and Newborns

KateGate: Does She Look Too Good After Pregnancy?

Back in May 2015 I wrote a post following the birth of Princess Charlotte. I’m really disappointed that it remains completely relevant following the arrival of the newest Prince (as yet unnamed). So I’m re-sharing and you’re welcome to wade in with your opinions about Kate’s post-pregnancy body and whether it’s  ...

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