As a busy WAHM of two, one of my few vices is coffee. Arguably a bigger vice connected to that one is wasting money on getting a fix when I’m out and about. But at the moment while I’m still feeding my daughter, I’m limited to only one or two cups each day, and I’m not giving it up – no chance. But what I can do is enjoy my caffeine at home instead of buying it at a premium in expensive coffee shops. With this in mind I was keen to acquire a relatively cheap espresso machine.

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When my Crux 15 Bar Espresso Coffee Machine arrived, I’ll admit I was a little overwhelmed having never used a coffee machine before. But, as my favourite instant coffee has been discontinued (wahhhh!) I was desperate to get to grips with it asap. It arrived on a Wednesday and my husband and I agreed I should wait till the weekend to unbox it and figure out how it worked (our little ones are very unpredictable in terms of going to bed and staying asleep, the only consistency being our lack of an evening).

I lasted till Thursday when both the girls were asleep at a decent time and then I could wait no more. Once the cheap coffee machine was set up on the side, it didn’t look very intimidating at all: it’s fairly compact and has just a couple of buttons and a single dial.

Finished with copper / rose gold detailing, the machine is also rather chic and is a smart addition to your kitchen worktop.

Cheap Espresso Machine - Crux 15 Bar Espresso Coffee Machine

I had a quick browse of the instruction manual, and decided it was simple enough to have a go the next morning – even whilst being in sole charge of Pixie and Elfin! And actually, it was totally fine, I needn’t have worried:

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How to Use the Crux 15 Bar Espresso Coffee Machine

Simply select the one or two-cup filter basket (handy feature), fill with coffee grinds, insert into the machine and press a couple of buttons – and then watch the magic happen. Et voila – the perfect cup of homemade caffeine.

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I found an old packed of ready ground beans in the cupboard so gave those a whirl, and disappointingly discovered that old grounds do not taste great, so bear that in mind. They gave an almost chemical taste, I imagine because the flavour had lost its intensity. But, for a first attempt, it was a relative triumph: I now knew how the machine worked and that I could use it even with the girls around – victory.

Cheap Espresso Maching - Crux 15 Bar Espresso Coffee Machine

The following morning was more of a success: having acquired new grounds I was able to create a pretty decent home brewed americano.

Our Cheap Espresso Machine Features

The machine also has a snazzy heating plate to bring your cup to the perfect temperature for receiving your quintessential morning coffee. This is a cool feature, however I personally found the plate barely got warm, and so I’ve not really bothered with it.

Possibly the best feature of the Crux 15 Bar Espresso Coffee Machine however, is the fact that it has a milk steam wand for heating and frothing milk, ie. creating babyccinos for your bambinos. Why? Because it means your little diva is unlikely to complain if you’re momentarily distracted whilst making your first fix of the day – and that’s a win, I think you’ll agree.

If you’re looking for a cheap espresso machine this is a great choice, especially if you’ve not used one before and you’re looking for something simple and attractive that gives a great result!

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