Last week after many months of feeling detached and out of the blogging loop, I finally attended my first solo event since Elfin was born – and it was totally worth the wait! Today I want to talk to you about the nations favourite: sausages. Richmond have launched healthy sausages, or at least healthier sausages – and they’re made from chicken. I was invited to a demonstration of how they can easily be incorporated into some of the nation’s favourite dinners…

I ventured into Soho to the Good Housekeeping Institute kitchen where I was greeted by Angellica Bell, reigning Celeb Masterchef winner. (There may also have been fizz which was not entirely unwelcome, not least because the Institute is glass-fronted and faces onto a quiet Soho street, so I felt a bit like I was in a goldfish bowl!)

Essentially, the event entailed champagne and sausages, which may seem somewhat incongruous, but for a mum who doesn’t get out much it was honestly my dream come true: indulgent bubbles with indulgent food – what’s not to love?

Richmond Launch New Healthy Sausages

Richmond Launch Chicken Sausages - Chefs

Angellica was joined by Richmond chef, Mat Stephany, to recreate some of the nation’s favourite dishes for us – but with a twist: using their newly launched chicken sausages. Mat divulged some culinary tips and tricks (if you’re cooking with wine, add a final dash of vino a couple of minutes before removing from the heat to add those top notes back in!), and we had the opportunity to cook interactively too.

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The Good Housekeeping Institute is a professional set-up, with a kitchen one end where Angellica and Mat were working their magic, and benches running the length of the room in front of them where we were able to get involved. I had a go at making baked beans from scratch which sounds simple, and it was – but you may be surprised by the number of ingredients which went into them to give them their delicious and distinctive taste!

The purpose of the event was to demonstrate the versatility of the sausages and give us some inspiration for modern twists on traditional dishes.

My favourite recipe from the day was Angellica and Mat’s take on bangers and mash: chicken sausages and tangy leek and mustard mashed potato!

Richmond Launch Chicken Sausages - Recipe

Personally, I’m a bit of a heathen and – gasp – I like my mash lumpy. So I usually make mine with finely chopped onion, fried till it’s started to caramelise; or sometimes with heated cheese stirred through it.

I wouldn’t have thought of adding leeks and mustard, but I’m confident it would go down a treat with my family and I’ll definitely be recreating it at home!

Healthier and Less Sinful – the Chicken Sausage!

We made three of the nation’s favourite dishes and I can honestly say (I sampled them all) they were very good!

In our home we limit sausages because they’re known for not being the most nutritious food choice, so I’ll definitely be looking to stock up on these healthier chicken options. And because they contain 30% less fat and 20% fewer calories than their pork counterparts, when served as part of a balanced meal you can be confident that you’re giving your family a wholesome dinner.

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  1. Natalie Turner Reply

    I would love to try a chicken pie with this sausage, I think it would be pretty amazing!

  2. maria hackett Reply

    Sausage Carbonara. You take the meat out of the sausage skin and make 3-4 balls, add some ground pepper and add the to the pasta followed by the egg mixture.

  3. Serve with sweet potato mash, green vegetables and onion gravy.

  4. ruth robinson Reply

    chicken sausages sage and onion stuffing mash and veg served in a giant yorkshire pud

  5. kayleigh watkins Reply

    I love sausage casserole mash and mushy peas, it’s one of my favourite meals xxx

  6. Kelly Hirst Reply

    Toad in the hole although I’ll admit I’m not particularly good at cooking it

  7. aliduke79hotmailcom Reply

    Toad in the hole, we have actually made this with chicken breast slices instead of sausages before, it’s great!

  8. Hayley Colburn Reply

    I’m not very inventive when it comes to recipe ideas, I tend to just pinch other people’s off the internet, I think they would be lovely with mash and peas and chicken gravy though

  9. Libby Alexander Reply

    My daughter loves sausages with cheesy mash, baked beans and peas. Simple and not that exciting – but maybe these would be a nice change. I love that they are a healthier option.

  10. Julia Nicholls Reply

    I would try them on the barbecue but definitely make a cassoulet

  11. Sausage stoves… potato, sausage, onion and an oxo cube, boiled until potatoes are soft, add gravy granules and baked beans and serve after a further 10 mins x

  12. Sheena Batey Reply

    Sausage casserole with tomatoes and butter beans is one of our favourites for tea

  13. We have a regular favourite sausage casserole. Brimming with beans and veggies, and served with mash. Always goes down well. Would be interesting to try it with chicken sausages.

  14. Iona Cornish Reply

    We make a sausage and bacon pasta bake with mushrooms which would be perfect for substituting chicken sausages

  15. Judith Allen Reply

    Sausage, leek and potato bake cooked with cider and a little cheese on top.

  16. Ashley Murray Reply

    I love chicken sausages! My favourite thing to make with them is a creamy risotto with lots of herbs, red onion, peas and mushrooms and a splash of white wine!

  17. Ultimate toad-in-the-hole with caramelised onion gravy. Wrap fat sausages in streaky bacon for a posh version of a British classic – perfect comfort food for the whole family.

  18. Oh I tried these last week! Much healthier for my family!!
    I made a sausage casserole, lots of vegetables, a tin of beans, finely chopped chorizo & served with a few jersey royals! Delicious:)

  19. Chris Andrews Reply

    Comment below with your favourite sausage recipe which could be made using Richmond’s new chicken sausages!
    We love sausage casserole in our house

  20. Jessica Barber Reply

    My favourite is sausage pasta bake! Lots of fresh veggies, sausages and penne pasta with a chilli, garlic and tomato sauce. I think these sausages would be lovely in it!

  21. Natalie White Reply

    Sausage casserole in the slow cooker with red wine, red peppers, onions, and chunks of potato, with a few herbs and a bit of mustard! Delish 🙂

  22. Emma Smiley Reply

    We love Mexican supper in our house. It’s sausages bacon onions beans and paprika and chilli powder. A bit like a campfire stew.

  23. gemma hendry Reply

    stewed chicken sausages with sweet potato mash and cawliflower

  24. karen hill Reply

    We have started doing sausage casserole, its much cheaper than chicken when your on a tight budget and is still super tasty xx

  25. Alice Colling Reply

    Nothing beats bangers and mash, with onion gravy and peas.

  26. I’d stick them on the BBQ at the weekend with some grilled halloumi and tomato sauce ?

  27. Victoria Prince Reply

    Not the most exciting but toad in the hole! It’s a firm favourite here

  28. Ruth Harwood Reply

    I’d put these into a curry to give it a bit of texture x

  29. Sausage, mash & beans is always a favourite. Or sausage casserole, or simply sausage sarnie! x

  30. Ian Campbell Reply

    Sausage Plait – a delicious, elegantly detailed dish, usually served with plain sausage meat filling. The chicken in these sausages would introduce a novel twist, and add a whole new zing!

  31. We enjoy sausages as part of a mixed grill with mushrooms, peppers and a slice of pineapple.

  32. Kelly Hanson Reply

    Who needs a recipe? I’d just munch them on their own! Though toad in the hole is pretty lush ?

  33. Janet Bagnall Reply

    hot dogs – i prefer ‘proper’ sausages for hot dogs and the kids will eat them!

  34. Sausage casserole – always a favourite in our house. Rafflecopter entries are in my real name Nikki Hayes, thanks for the lovely giveaway :o)

  35. Stevie Fairbairn Reply

    My dad made chippy style battered sausage.the other day. It’s my new favourite.

  36. Annalise ONeill Reply

    Has to be my Sausage and Cider casserole, I’ve been making it for years with home made herb dumplings on top :o)

  37. Mary Baldwin Reply

    I’m thinking Toad in the Hole with kale and onion gravy.

  38. A.E. ADKINS Reply

    I would try to perfect a toad in the hole which I never seem to manage or use them in a homemade cassoulet

  39. Elizabeth Smith Reply

    I’m thinking traditional hot dogs in rolls but with redcurrant jelly instead of ketchup

  40. I make a sausage, caramelised onion and cheese tart, so delish

  41. Jacqui Graham Reply

    sausages, sweet potato mash, garden peas and onion gravy

  42. Linda Ford Reply

    Richmond chicken sausages would be tasty in a sausage and baked bean pie!

  43. Victoria B Reply

    I love making toad in the hole – haven’t made it in a while.

  44. Sasuage casserole with tomatoes, mushrooms and some lemon and greek inspired herbs

  45. Nadia Josephine Reply

    I am vegetarian so i love a Linda McCartney sausage toad in the hole!

  46. I would make a sausage casserole. Chicken sausages, leek and butternut squash in chicken stock, served with fresh garden peas and hash browns.

  47. Marie Rungapadiachy Reply

    Sausage and tomato casserole is my favourite. Great prize by the way.

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