[Ad] Hands up who’s guilty of taking alllll of the photos, and then never doing anything with them? Hi! So when My-Picture.co.uk contacted me about a collaboration featuring their large canvas prints, I jumped at the opportunity. Since we moved home a couple of years ago we’ve had the same beautiful family portrait on display in our kitchen, but it was time for an update by way of collage canvas prints of our girls.

Of course I didn’t have to opt for a collage, but since I decorated my office with a wall gallery a few years ago, I’ve become a little bit obsessed with that style of design, especially for a feature wall.

Tips for styling a gallery wall with collage wall art or a photo gallerry feature wall. #wallgallery #gallerywall #collagewallart #collagephotowall

I began to rummage through my phone for the perfect photos, and realised that while I have many, there was nothing spectacular enough that would work in the way I wanted. I was looking for a set of vibrant, cohesive images which would make us smile every time we looked at them.

I got my camera out.

Quite by accident I have a foolproof photo backdrop for taking images of the girls. You’ll see it splashed across my Instagram page and my shop pages: a beautiful, colourful rainbow rug. I often get the girls to lay there to have their photo taken, and this shoot was no exception.

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I took a selection of shots, and then set about finding the best images to display. This was no mean  feat, so I thought I’d share what I learned:

Tips For Styling a Feature Wall With Collage Canvas Prints

Large Canvas Prints

1. Have a Wall in Mind

Choose the location of the canvases before you get started and measure the area, so that you know how much space you have to work with in advance.

2. Consider Colour

Whether you’ll be taking new photos or selecting from old ones, be sure to have a colour scheme to work to. This will make it far easier to curate the perfect images to complement each other and the room they’ll be hanging in.

To make the images work together as a ‘set’, they need to be cohesive in some way. This might be the colour palette, the composition, or photos taken from a series. If you look closely, you’ll notice that in the end I chose two photos from our dedicated shoot, and one in the same palette that I’d snapped earlier.

Canvas Wall Art

3. Think About Layout

Look online for inspiration to help you narrow down your preference in terms of the number of images and the layout.

Keep budget in mind!

Usually, a big wall gallery can accommodate images from more than one series of photographs, or perhaps include some framed quotes or other wall art too; a smaller number of canvases look better reserved for images from the same photoshoot.

4. Arrangement is Key

This is both in terms of positioning and also for artistic flair. Depending on the layout you’ve chosen you may wish to deliberately off-set the canvases into an asymmetric design. However if you plan for symmetry then it’s vital that measurements are accurate. 

Don’t forget to account for spacing between canvases!

Likewise, in terms of colour and composition, the images and canvas sizes should be closely considered. For example, it will probably look best to have a close-up as the largest canvas and the focus of the set.

Quality Large Canvas Prints and More!

Since we’re fortunate to have a big feature wall in our kitchen, I opted for fairly large canvases from My-Picture.co.uk. Before they arrived, I was apprehensive about the quality of the details in the images, but I have to say I’m extremely impressed. 

Close Up Canvas Details

The canvases are beautiful, they really brighten the room and walking into the kitchen seeing them hanging pride of place is the perfect way to start our day. I highly recommend!

In fact, following some rather heavy hints, I expect I’ll be making some purchases for Christmas gifts. 

My-Picture.co.uk also offer a variety of other products, including homeware such as towels, cushions, rugs, and in the current climate, they now also stock photo face masks.

Use code REFINEDPROSE10 for 10% off any products at My-Picture.co.uk!


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