[Ad] In October 2018, after a very long and laborious process, we (finally) moved home, and we couldn’t be happier. One of my favourite aspects of relocating was finally benefiting from my very own office. And I was fortunate enough to team up with Desenio last year to help me decorate it to be a gorgeous work space. Thanks to their excellent online wall gallery resource I selected several prints to create a collage wall art which, one year later, still delights me.

Collage Wall Art
L-R: Pink Dream; A Life She Loved; There’s Beauty.

I was unsure initially of the look I wanted to go for; I just knew it had to feel calm and uplifting.

With that in mind I headed over to Desenio’s Gallery Walls section of their site for inspiration – and I wasn’t disappointed. Their selection of gallery walls showcases some of their gorgeous prints, and allows you to visualise how they can work together as an elegant feature.

Mesmerising Collage Wall Art

When I first visited Desenio’s site, I had no idea I wanted a gallery wall. I like to think hubby and I have a bit of flair for design and we live in a nice home, and actually we do get some lovely compliments about the way it’s decorated. But nonetheless, it had simply never occurred to me to bunch different sized prints together into a collage until I saw the arrangements online.

Essentially, I didn’t realise I needed collage wall art in my life until I saw one done beautifully.

Desenio must have some top class stylists working for them because every display in their ‘inspiration’ section gets me a little more excited about all the wall space we still have to fill in our new home: I want it all.        

Styling Your Home With a Wall Gallery

If you know what you’re looking for, then you’re free to make your own selections by using the search function, or browsing through various categories such as nature, nautical, or vintage. But, if you need a little help in putting together a design worthy of an interiors magazine, Desenio have you covered! Their gallery walls are perfect for a contemporary design, or for something a little simpler, you can check out their Perfect Pair options – either way, you won’t be disappointed!

Once you’ve curated your favourite prints, you’ll also need to select frames, and then it’s simply a case of styling your new buys into your preferred arrangement.

Best of all, Desenio are constantly updating their galleries with new print combinations according to the current season and latest interior design trends. What I especially love about the idea of a gallery wall is that to create a fresh look, you can choose to update as many or as few items as you wish, and you can move prints around to create different styles too.

Before we moved I’d never had a home office to call my own, and I chose a couple of prints specifically with that room in mind, but which also work as part of a larger gallery. While I’m still in love with my gallery wall exactly as it is, I love that I have the option of splitting up my collage wall art into smaller displays too – there’s so much scope for creating different looks.

With Christmas around the corner, now is the perfect time to browse Desenio for inspiration!

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