…Dare I say it?! If you’ve been following along with the saga then you’ll know that not too long ago we were gazumped. But what I’ve not updated anyone with (because I’ve completely lost all faith and confidence in the process) is that we’re back on! We are now partway through the complexity of buying our dream home, and when (if) we get the keys we will – of course – want to decorate and make the house our own. One of the things I’ve already started looking into is new wall art – specifically collage wall art.

Except I may have got a little ahead of myself, because by ‘looking into’, I mean I’m fortunate enough to be working with Desenio and I’ve already selected the pictures I will eventually hang in our new pad.

I’m desperately hoping that everything doesn’t collapse around me and leave me in a heap of beautiful wall prints…

The thing is, call me mental, but after more than half a year of househunting, finding ourselves back to square one, and more househunting – I can’t help but be a bit excited. Because it’s true you know – it really is because there’s something better around the corner!

For the sake of this post, let’s just assume everything will work out, and instead of wringing hands about what may go wrong, I’ll tell you a bit about the gorgeous artwork I’ve acquired…

Collage Wall Art
L – R: Pink Dream; A Life She Loved; There’s Beauty.


When I first visited Desenio’s site, I had no idea I wanted a gallery wall. I like to think hubby and I have a bit of flair for design and we live in a nice home, and actually we do get some lovely compliments about the way it’s decorated. But nonetheless, it had simply never occurred to me to bunch different sized prints together into a collage until I saw the arrangements online. I guess my imagination is lacking in cool and inspiration…

Essentially, I didn’t realise I needed collage wall art in my life until I saw one done beautifully.

Desenio must have some top class stylists working for them because every display in their ‘inspiration’ section got me a little more excited for all the wall space we’ll have in our new place: I want it all.


Styling Your Own Home With Desenio

If you know what you’re looking for, then you’re free to make your own selections by using the search function, or browsing through various categories such as nature, nautical, or vintage. But, if you need a little help in putting together a design worthy of an interiors mag, Desenio have you covered! Either check out the Perfect Pair options, or for something a little more contemporary click the Inspiration tab (you won’t be disappointed!).

Best of all, Desenio are constantly updating their galleries with new print combinations according to the current season and latest interior design trends. What I especially love about the idea of a gallery wall is that you can choose to update a single item as for an updated look, and you can move prints around to create different styles too.

Once you’ve chosen your prints you’ll also need to select frames, and then it’s simply a case of arranging your new buys to create the look you want.

I spent way too long curating the perfect collage wall art, but that’s partly because I wanted to ensure I could have one big arrangement or potentially split them into two. I’ve never had a home office to call my own and I chose a couple of prints specifically with that room in mind, but which will also work as part of a larger gallery.

Collage Wall Art
Our collage wall art (with space to add more!).


I’m really delighted with my prints and can’t wait to have the opportunity to display them!

If you love the idea of creating your own feature wall gallery, you’ll be delighted to hear that Desenio are offering a generous 25% discount to my readers!

The code “lessrefinedmind” gives 25% off posters* on all of our sites between July 31st and August 2nd. 
*Except for frames and  handpicked-/collaboration posters

Desenio gifted the prints shown in this post, and I was compensated for my time.


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  1. Best of luck to you with buying your dream home – really hope it works out this time for you. I love a feature wall and using prints is such a versatile way of doing it x

  2. They look beautiful. Thankfully I’ve never had to buy a house moving in with a farmer, but my brother is really struggling to find anywhere after 4 years of looking

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