[Ad] One of the toughest milestones as a new parent is when the time comes to find childcare for your baby. Finding the best setting for your little one can mean different things to different parents, which is why the resource I’m talking about today is so useful. The ideal day nursery near me which best suits my daughter might be very different to what you deem to be perfect for your child – and this tool can help us both narrow down the right setting for our personal needs.

How to Find the Best Childcare Near Me?

My biggest has just started in reception class at school, which on the face of it might suggest that I have more time to work. But the reality is that as Pixie is home less, Elfin is beginning to nap both worse, and less! Which means the opposite is in fact true – and I can find it a real struggle to meet deadlines… The time is nigh for me to start looking for a nursery near me.

I’ve resisted until now, but it won’t be long before Elfin is in preschool, and actually I think it will be good for her to slowly and gently gain a little autonomy and independence – and likewise it will be good for me too! I won’t lie – it feels a little like having my buddy cleaved from me, but needs must and I know this is the right thing for us both.

So when I was invited to check out the childcare.co.uk website it felt like fate, and I was intrigued.

Childminder or Nursery?

I headed over to the website unsure which type of childcare I even wanted; was I best off looking for a private nursery near me, or perhaps an OFSTED-registered nanny? Would Elfin be happier with a childminder or nursery? I felt a little overwhelmed, all I did know was that wherever I chose would have to be both registered and very nearby.

Child With Paint on Hands
Messy play – an activity for day nursery near me, or anywhere if it’s not in my house.

Helpfully the site has the capability to filter out any results you’re not interested in reviewing; I was easily able to remove unregistered childcare results, and those that were too far away. I simply entered the type of childcare I was looking for, my postcode and acceptable distance, and then used the filter to further narrow the selection.

Usability and functionality couldn’t be more straight forward.

Day Nursery Near Me

My search threw up only one nursery I’d consider in our area, but that’s okay, because I know a friend who uses it and I’ve heard good things. It’s not too far away and I’m confident it would be a good choice for Elfin if I decide to go with a registered private nursery near me as opposed to a nanny or childminder.

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Registered Childminders Near Me

This search was a little more successful, coming up with six different options within a two mile radius. None of the results had reviews but again, I’m not fazed – with them being so close it would be very easy to arrange to meet the carers so I can make a decision based on more than a photograph and a few words.

…Speaking of which, making contact to ask questions or set up a potential interview is also very easy. Simply click the ‘message’ button, or click on the profile you’re interested in for more information. Here you can get a basic overview of the setting or carer, with lots more detail beneath. There’s also an option to telephone or message; ‘like’ the profile; and – if it ever became necessary(!) – to block.

How to find the right day nursery near me. #parentingtips #parentingadvice

Additional Resources

One of my favourite aspects of the website is the wealth of support it offers. In the footer you’ll find links to help and advice including a safety centre, First Aid training, parenting guides and avoiding scams, as well as search tips and interview questions!

There’s so much information on the site that it’s a fantastically useful resource in its own right.

I’d have no problem recommending the site to anyone in my position who’s wanting to research their options for childcare nearby. No matter what I decide to do where Elfin is concerned, whether a childminder or day nursery near me, I’ll definitely revisit this site when I’m ready to take that leap.


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