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How to Use the Awesome New Desenio Gallery Wall Tool

[Ad] If you’re looking for Desenio reviews then you’ve come to the right place – this is the second time I’ve collaborated with Desenio and, right off the bat that should tell you all you need to know.

Desenio | Reviews of Range, Quality, Packaging, and More

I love Desenio, for several reasons…

Desenio Reviews - Bedroom Collage Wall Prints

Impressive Packaging

I ordered quite a few different prints (I actually ended up going above budget and paying extra because I couldn’t choose!), and was therefore was expecting an enormous box to arrive. 

So when a neat little package turned up, I was convinced some of my order would be missing. Even as I opened the box I was wondering which prints or frames would not be in there, and I was dreading trying to match everything up to figure out exactly what hadn’t turned up so I could reach out to my contact to rectify the situation.

Except nothing was missing.

I’ve become so used to unnecessary, surplus packaging that I couldn’t quite believe something could be packed so precisely. And yet there we were: a box with dimensions only the width and height of the largest frame I’d ordered, and depth only as much as needed to stack the frames. The prints were carefully wrapped and placed at the very bottom, and in perfect condition.

Extensive Range of Prints

Vast! With over 5,500 different images to choose from, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Desenio Prints in Office
Desenio prints in my office, from previous collaboration.

Variety of Sizes and Frames

To ensure you’re able to personalise to your own tastes, their are multiple options for print sizes and frame materials and colours. This means it’s also possible to select frames best suited to the artwork you love.

‘My Favourites’ Feature

With so much choice, the only (sort of) negative about Desenio is that it can be quite tricky making a decision! I spent so long flicking between images and trying to select which I loved most and which went together best. 

Desenio Reviews - Bedroom Collage Wall Prints

Thankfully, this is largely overcome with an excellent new feature, perhaps my most favourite of all…

Enter the gallery wall tool.

Gallery Wall Tool

I have a confession to make. This is actually beyond embarrassing, but… I totally missed this tool when I was creating the gallery wall for my bedroom for this post. *face palm*

This feature is beyond amazing, and I wish I’d been aware of it because it would have saved me so much time and indecision! 

Desenio Gallery Wall Close Up

The truth is, I’ve been so busy it’s made me distracted, and if I’d only properly read my emails or looked afresh at the gallery walls tab, I would have seen this fab tool. If you’re keen on a beautiful collage of artwork – and really, why would you not be, they’re so effective when done well – then don’t make the same mistake I did!

How Does it Work?

Gahhh I’m so frustrated I didn’t utilise this! It’s soooo good.

Step One

While you can do everything directly from within the tool, I’d recommend first creating a bank of your favourite images, which can be easily accessed to build your gallery. 

First up, select a theme; you might choose a colour palette to tie in with the other colours in the room you’re planning the artwork for, or perhaps you’ll opt for line drawings / botanical / architecture, etc. 

Then you can use the filters to narrow options and ‘favourite’ the images you’d like (or may like) to include in the final arrangement. Once you’ve done this, your chosen prints will be safely saved in My Favourites. 

Office Corner
My office corner!

Step Two

Head over to the Gallery Walls tab. Here you’ll find lots of inspiration, which is what I saw when I last worked with Desenio. But a new addition (which you cannot miss when you’re on the page!) is the ‘Create Your Gallery Wall’ button; click this.

Step Three

Follow the instructions: choose your background and preferred layout, and then simply click on each image to fill the space. 

Here you’re able to filter results to select those you previously saved to My Favourites, and move the prints around until you’re happy with the positioning. Once you’ve settled on the arrangement, you can move forward and choose the frames that work best for each print.

That’s it! So simple, and so much easier than trying to envisage the individual prints and frames in your mind’s eye. 

This feature enables you to envision the specific layout and easily select the correct sizes to complement it – with the required frames, and proportionally against the backdrop of the room. It’s also super fast, and prevents you from making any errors with frames and either under or over ordering, or getting mixed up and choosing the wrong colour.

I would have recommended Desenio even without this tool, but with it – it really does put them in a league all of their own. And thankfully, I’m very pleased with the result, even if I did have to put a lot of unnecessary brain power into pulling it together!