[Ad] Prior to having a family I was extremely conscious of leading a healthy lifestyle, but my best intentions fell apart postpartum and my postnatal diet left a lot to be desired. With my youngest soon turning three, I finally feel able to seriously look at making improvements here. I’ve started running again, and today I’m reviewing a diet food delivery programme that is helping to bring structure back to my diet too.

We all know the importance of eating well and working out regularly, but I don’t hear enough said about how challenging the reality of that is for new mums. So the idea of a weight loss food delivery service was certainly appealing in terms of ease.

Dietbon Tea and Lemon Cake
Dietbon Lemon Cake and Keep Calm Detox Tea.

Before I go any further, I’m going to address the elephant in the room right off the bat: I do not need to lose weight.

I know this and I won’t pretend otherwise because, as always, I want my readers to trust me – and that starts with integrity. But I’ve not taken up this diet for the purpose of losing weight; I have specifically wanted to improve my lifestyle, a large part of which is re-establishing some structure to the way I eat and I hoped this programme would help with that.

Dietbon Beef Bourguignon
Dietbon beef bourguignon.

My (Poor) Postnatal Diet

When I fell pregnant with my first daughter, Pixie, I was still hitting the gym five times a week and eating really well. I continued to try, but with sleep-deprivation and breastfeeding came poor routine and lots of sugar cravings. 

I was just getting out of a rut when I became pregnant with Elfin, and the scenario played out all over again. 

But, I no longer have any excuses.

It’s time to get back to a healthier way of life – something I’ve promised myself I’ll do once the girls are sleeping well and I am feeling better.

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The Dietbon Diet Food Delivery Concept

The concept behind Dietbon is a comprehensive diet plan, with all meals delivered to your door. The plan consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack and a dessert for six days out of seven. Each meal is portion and calorie controlled so that if you stick to the plan, women can expect to lose between one and two kilos per week and men up to three. 

The hot meals are prepared in such a way that they can be stored at room temperature, but I was advised that this also depletes them of vitamin C and so you’re encouraged to add fruit or yogurt to your breakfasts.

Prior to beginning the diet there’s a mandatory telephone call with a dietician. 

The Dietician Consultation

I’m not a fan of talking on the phone and feel fairly educated on the subject of nutrition (I may not have been eating all that well, but I’m fully aware of poor choices!) – so this was the part I was least looking forward to! But it was totally worth it.

Dietbon Handbook With Apple and Flowers

I spoke to a lady who was very informative. I didn’t particularly learn anything about dieting because as I said, I already know what is and is not healthy. But the reason I found it very useful speaking with her was in terms of mindset.

I asked whether the snack which is intended for after lunch could be moved to after the evening meal – I mentioned that I’d picked up bad habits and usually like something sweet to snack on once the girls are in bed. I was told ideally not, mostly because it’s helpful to exercise self-discipline. I couldn’t argue with that!

But – and here’s what I found really supportive – I was also discouraged from using the language I’d chosen.

A Healthier Mindset

Journal Prompts for Self Discovery

I’d got as far as being comfortable in not putting pressure on myself to live a perfectly healthy lifestyle while I was lacking proper sleep – but I was still calling my behaviour a bad habit. 

I was advised to reframe it as a necessary lifestyle change during a challenging period.

One of biggest issues and the reason for taking on this diet plan was improving the structure in my diet: it’s so easy to skip proper meals and reach for less healthy options when I’m starving, or simply because I’m craving simple carbs. 

I found the suggestion that missing vital nutrients at key times of the day could very well mean that my body is physiologically in need of those sugars later on in order to keep going. And it’s not always feasible to make healthy choices at the right times, neither is not keeping going an option.

So, maybe it’s not simply a bad habit; maybe it’s more than that, and not something I can actually control. Maybe I should give myself a break properly, instead of pretending I am, but actually still having negative feelings about my actions.

The Meal Choices Available With Dietbon

With 60+ hot meals, there’s a lot of choice. There are options for you if you’re vegetarian and all meals are prepared free from additives, preservatives, artificial colourings, GM ingredients, artificial sweeteners, and palm oil.

Dietbon Diet Food Delivery: Salmon in Soya Sauce
My favourite of the diet food delivery dishes salmon in soya sauce.

In addition to lunch and dinner, there are also several breakfasts available including pancakes and a variety of different muesli, a few different snacks, and a  choice of desserts.

My Experience With Dietbon

Dietbon could not have come at a better time for me. As I type we’re currently in lockdown, so having a diet food delivery stock of healthy meals and snacks was an incredible relief!

My routine has changed completely, so it’s difficult to say how it would work ordinarily, but for the most part I’ve found it very effective. As I mentioned previously, the goal for me was never to lose weight – it was to find a better structure and build on that.

Since I’ve not been attempting to lose weight, I’ve added vegetables to all of my evening meals and if I’ve been hungry I’ve eaten extra food throughout the day – obviously not recommended for those who are trying to trim down. 

The snack bars are delicious and I’ve really enjoyed most of the meals I’ve eaten too, my favourite being the salmon with vegetables and grains in a soya sauce. The desserts are not typical english desserts, but they’re a good compromise to not having anything at all! And over time I found myself craving sweet treats less.

Dietbon Salmon in Soya Sauce
My favourite Dietbon meal: salmon in soya sauce.

Right now life is strange and we’re all having to find ways to deal with that. For us, a part of that is keeping our weekends separate from the rest of the week – and that includes enjoying family meals together. Perhaps even baking a treat for movie night too!

With Dietbon, having a free day makes it easy to be able to continue with this routine, and the flexibility of something to look forward to at the end of the week makes sticking to the meal plan the rest of the time far easier.

With the lockdown in place and being stuck at home with my husband around lots, I’ve even started running again alongside the diet plan! I’ve been loving getting fit again and without meaning to, I have actually lost a couple of pounds – so I’m sure that anybody following the plan more closely would have success too.

A Dietbon Offer For My Readers

If you’d like to try Dietbon yourself, they’re kindly offering  a free 28-day morning and night detox tea cure. Simply follow this link.


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