Down Hall Hotel and Spa Review: I was treated to a complimentary stay in exchange for my honest opinion.

With a new baby on the horizon, I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to review Down Hall Hotel and Spa recently. Hubby and I are well aware that come June we’ll once again be elbow-deep in nappies and surviving on snatched zzz’s. So this final romantic getaway couldn’t have come at a better time for us!

I wasn’t sure where Hatfield Heath was if I’m honest, but when we drove through it I recognised it.

The village is very quaint and idyllic – not that we spent any time there: once we were comfortably ensconced within the hotel, we didn’t want to leave until check-out.

Down Hall Hotel and Spa Review

Down Hall Hotel – Decor

Down Hall Hotel and Spa Review

We’d deliberately not researched anything about the venue, and as we pulled up, we agreed the hotel looked impressive: the building is beautiful – and inside didn’t disappoint either. I know not everyone is interested in architecture, but if you have a thing about majestic buildings with original features, then you’ll love Down Hall.

It put me in mind of Downton: its opulent character remains intact, with sympathetic furnishings and plush curtains – our perfect retreat.

Down Hall Hotel and Spa Review

Down Hall Hotel – Rooms

Hubby and I have stayed at many hotels over the years, and it never ceases to amaze me how very different the rooms can be in terms of quality, size, amenities, etc. Suffice to say, Down Hall is definitely one of the nicer places we’ve stayed  and we were very comfortable there.

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Down Hall Hotel and Spa Review

Everything was clean and tidy; there was a hairdryer and an iron; coffee-making facilities; ample products including needle and thread; plenty of bedding and pillows.

Oh, and the bed was enormous!

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Down Hall Hotel – Spa and Treatments

Down Hall Hotel and Spa Review

I was super excited for my prenatal treatment – though as always seems to be the case on the rare occasion I’m treated to a rub, I was frustrated that my near-constant trapped nerve wasn’t bothering me that day! Typical.

Nevertheless, a massage is a massage – and it was fabulous.

The masseuse was very thorough questioning me beforehand for obvious reasons, and she put me completely at ease. She asked me whether I’d had a similar treatment during my previous pregnancy, and I told her I’d not – but then I recognised the scent of the oils as being the same as those used when I was breastfeeding.

Sadly I was unable to make use of the wet spa facilities in my condition, but I knew this ahead of time and was very much looking forward to chilling out in the relaxation room nonetheless. Except there was a miscommunication and that wasn’t possible either! Such a shame, but to ensure you don’t have the same issue we did, I must make you aware of the set-up of the spa…

Down Hall Hotel and Spa Review

The relaxation room is located within the wet spa, so even if you don’t intend using the sauna and steam room, you’ll still need to change into swimming things to gain access to it.

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Down Hall Hotel – Food

Down Hall Hotel and Spa Review
A delicious cheese soufflé to start.

We enjoyed a fabulous three course dinner, and the food really was excellent.

As you’d expect from such a place, particularly when you see the exquisite presentation, the portions were small but perfectly formed – and very rich as fine dining dictates.

Down Hall Hotel and Spa Review
I ate gnocchi with artichoke and samphire.

I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, and likewise so did hubby.

Down Hall Hotel and Spa Review

I did note that the dining room seemed more set up for business meetings than a cosy, romantic tête á tête, primarily because the lighting remained bright, even close to 9pm. However, depending on what you’re looking for this is not necessarily a criticism (and in fairness anything more relaxed at that time of the evening would be liable to send me to sleep at the moment!).

There is a second restaurant, but it was not open during our stay.

Down Hall Hotel – Facilities

We were aware from the outside that the building was sprawling, but even after we took a look around, we were unable to locate some of the function rooms. In fairness, they were not relevant to us – we were just being nosy – but the nice thing about that is that despite a party being held during our stay, we couldn’t hear a thing. It also meant that our bravado of gatecrashing for a night of dancing and decadence was easily dismissed, and we could slink off to our bedroom at 9pm without losing face – or sleep!

The grounds of the hotel are also worth exploring if you have the time. It was rather windy during our stay but we did go for a short walk before we left – and we even saw a peacock on our travels! Apparently there’s plenty more wildlife to be found there if you’re lucky, including deer.

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Down Hall Hotel and Spa – Value

Hubby and I played a game whereby we decided not to look at what our time at Down Hall would have cost until we left. We mentally totted up what we thought the experience should have come to so that I could give you my unbiased opinion afterwards as to whether I thought it was good value. And I can confirm that the price fell way below where I expected it to.

So absolutely, yes – I can highly recommend a visit!

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