[Ad] I often get asked to review items I may not otherwise think to try out, but that doesn’t mean they’re not of value – we sometimes can’t appreciate just how valuable something is until we’ve experienced its benefit. This product may seem a bit random to be featured on my blog – let’s face it, it is – but when I was asked to review an ear wax removal tool you can use at home, I was intrigued.

If something doesn’t float my boat then I can – and often do – decline. On this occasion I was curious because as a child I once visited the doctor about poor hearing and was treated with ear syringing – and I remember it feeling life-changing at the time!

I simply haven’t given it any thought since, but when I was approached about a home ear wax removal tool and the subject was brought to my attention, it seemed a bit mad that I’ve never again had this procedure performed. What if my hearing was sub 100% because I’ve not got around to taking care of my aural health?!

Ear Wax Removal Tool - Woman Cupping Ear

If your partner regularly asks you to repeat yourself, it might be something to consider.

Note: should you have any doubts regarding yours ear health be sure to see a qualified doctor at a clinic such as Auris Ear Care.

Initially I was uncertain of writing about this topic simply because it’s not a ‘nice’ subject. But, the reality is that we all produce the stuff, and some of us will definitely suffer from over-production which can become problematic – I did a quick Google search and discovered that in the US around 12 million people seek medical care for this reason each year! With cotton buds being one of worst ways to handle the situation and our lives being busier than ever, finding an easy to use home remedy kit may prove quite useful. And if I can write about periods, sex, and incontinence (I have, you can check out the posts below!) then I can write about ear wax (also know as cerumen) too.

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The Honey Gusto Ear Irrigation Kit You Can Use at Home

Honey Gusto contacted me about their home ear irrigation kit, which is comparable to the ear syringing I experienced as a child. Founder Donald Eide sent me the kit to trial which comprises a washer bottle, medical grade tubing, drainage basin, and five disposable tips, as well as directions for use.

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When the product arrived and I opened it up, I discovered the following important notes:

  1. It’s recommended to use olive oil drops in the ears for one week before use;
  2. You shouldn’t use the product if you have experienced any complications such as an infection or perforated ear drum, etc;
  3. The kit should not be used on children under the age of 12;
  4. I would also require either hydrogen peroxide or apple cider vinegar too, to mix up the required solution for irrigating.

Donald kindly sent me a dropper bottle for administering the olive oil drops, as well as some apple cider vinegar (apparently it’s great on salads!), and I prepared to review the kit…

My Experience With Honey Gusto’s Ear Wax Removal Tool

I’m going to level with you – despite initially being keen to give it a shot, as the moment neared I was quite anxious at the prospect of irrigating my ears. If you’re not careful you can cause some problems and that made me nervous. For example, it’s important to ensure the temperature is correct, and if you’re susceptible you may experience vertigo.

If you’ve ever had your ears blocked with water you’ll know it’s not a lot of fun. I wasn’t relishing the prospect of something going wrong – but I was committed and I had to go through with it. As (I hope) you know, I wouldn’t ‘review’ something here that I’ve not actually tested myself, and Honey Gusto didn’t want an advertisement, they were keen for me to give my opinion.

Ear Wax Removal Tool - Doctor Examining Man's Ear

I prepared the solution (easy), guessed at the temperature (tepid), and set myself up away from my feral children.

The first thing I noted was that the cut outs in the shape of the basin are perfect. It may sound like a small thing, but I imagine that a flawed design would have you covered in water – and anything else that may be flushed from your ears!

When I found the courage to position the tip and get on with depressing the trigger… I was relieved. It was an unusual sensation but not unpleasant, and the low pressure jet of solution means it’s not at all uncomfortable. I can imagine that the wrong temperature would be problematic but following the directions carefully I found it fine.

My Results Using the Honey Gusto Home Ear Wax Removal Tool

I used probably a quarter of the solution in each ear, and nothing dislodged for me at all. However I only used the drops for three days beforehand and I’m not aware of any prior issues in regards to build up, so it’s highly likely there was nothing to be dislodged – which is reassuring in itself.

Essentially, I was probably not the best test subject. But it did feel like it did what it was meant to, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend giving it a try.

If you have any difficulties aurally, or otherwise know you have a problem with over-production or impaction of cerumen, then I think it’s fair to assume this ear wax removal tool could work well for you. It’s certainly handy to have in the cupboard and I’d definitely use it again if I noticed a deterioration in my hearing. Likewise my husband’s – but he brought me some wine home last night (as requested) so I think we’re good for now!


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