Last year when I was still pregnant I wrote about how one of my closest friends had delivered her baby at home like the freaking warrior that she is. And then she unexpectedly haemorrhaged. By the time it happened both she and her tiny newborn had been checked over and given a clean bill of health – meaning the midwives had left her and her husband to start bonding with their baby girl.

I found out later that she’d been dangerously close to death. The ambulance started to blue-light her to hospital but had to stop en route to help her because she was in serious trouble and fighting for her life. She received two blood transfusions and five bags of fluid before spending a couple of days in hospital recovering.

Thank God for the paramedics who saved my friend’s life. Thank God.

Living here in the UK we’re often quick to complain about the emergency services and how they do a poor job because they’re too slow to respond. But the truth of it is that they are saving lives every day. And they’re stretched to breaking point.

Of course it’s not only ambulance crews who deserve recognition for their bravery; we also have mountain rescue teams, the police force, and the fire brigade to thank for their incredible courage, dedication and selflessness, too. And – depressingly – it’s never been more apparent how incredible and necessary these services are than at this unstable time when broadcasts are filled all too often with news of terror attacks.

Peli UK are celebrating the fabulous work the emergency services do and are encouraging you to get on board and do the same. If you’ve been touched by the mammoth efforts of one of the emergency services, this is your opportunity to thank them.

Peli UK Emergency Service Heroes are offering £2000 worth of products to an emergency team nominated and voted for by YOU. If one of the services has come to your or a loved one’s aid recently or in the past, send Peli your story and your heroes may be shortlisted!

Nominations are open on Peli’s campaign page until 31st May, and a shortlist will be displayed on their Facebook page from 4th June. The team with the most votes on Facebook will win £2000 to spend on a variety of Peli UK products, so get sharing to help your heroes!

The winner will be announced on Thursday 5th July.

Who will you vote for?

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  1. What an amazing story, your poor friend! I think the emergency services really do go above and beyond, its not a role I can see myself doing, I don’t think I have the guts! I will think about who to vote for x

  2. I am so glad that your friend is ok, we really are lucky living in the UK that we have the emergency services and the NHS.

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