[Ad] I wrote earlier in the week about International Women’s Day 2019, and three big wins for women we’ve already seen this year. None are insignificant reasons for celebration, and although there’s much to be done, they certainly feel like progress.

With other big issues in the world that in the 21st century feel antiquated and reprehensible – such as anti-LGBT laws in Brunei – I feel both despair and hope on a daily basis.

One of the biggest issues faced by our planet right now is damage to the environment. I’m optimistic that our children will not only continue with, but also ramp up the work that our generation have finally begun to acknowledge as critical. And it’s reassuring to see businesses buying into greener options too.

Perhaps the greatest environmental threat is plastic, specifically single-use plastics.

But it feels like we’re having a moment: the public – and, therefore, corporate organisations – are taking a stand and effecting change.

I’ve started making some swaps myself, and so have many of my peers. Whereas I don’t think it’s been on our radar previously because the environmental impact of our carbon footprints has simply not been taken seriously enough, we’re all waking up to the gravity of the consequences if we continue to ignore this very real problem.


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I’ve had success with switching to a shampoo bar, and I now religiously use canvas bags for my shopping, keeping several in the car plus a bag for life in my laptop case so I don’t get caught short when on foot. And my husband bought me a fabulous bamboo flask for Christmas, which is personalised with my business name!


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SodaStream’s Limited Edition, Reusable ‘SHE’ Bottle

I’m always looking for new ways to do better, so when SodaStream contacted me about their reusable ‘SHE’ bottle, I was impressed.

In celebration of Women’s International Day 2019, the brand released a limited edition, collectible drinks bottle.

The concept is doubly appealing because it not only provides a reusable bottle for cold drinks, it also champions feminism by celebrating women and their achievements. As I mentioned above, this is another of the other challenges we face in raising our children and so every additional opportunity to open up a discussion about gender equality is a welcome one in our house.

On February 28th, SodaStream launched their ‘SHE’ bottle and encouraged women to nominate the females who inspire them, tagging their heroes on Instagram to create a chain of powerful women. One thousand of these stories were selected and those chosen were offered the limited edition ‘SHE’ bottle to keep or pass on to their ‘SHE’.

The idea behind the campaign was to empower women to know they’re strong and can create change.

With a focus both on the environment and advocating for gender equality, this campaign is one I can really get behind. And SodaStream are kindly offering one lucky reader a SodaStream Spirit, including a reuseable drinks bottle so you can support the campaign too. For your chance to win, simply enter below.

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