[Ad] I’ve teamed up with Protest again, this time to share their latest green efforts with you for their sustainable ski wear and ethical activewear.

Protest Women's Ski Jacket

Have you watched David Attenborough’s Extinction? While I take a keen interest in the environment, I must confess I haven’t seen it. 

Why? I’m simply not sure I could take it right now. 

I know without watching how dire our situation is, and I don’t want to overwhelm myself by the stark enormity of our predicament. That said, I continue doing my bit, so I can live with myself. If you visit Protest’s website and look for their recent brand update, they sum this up perfectly:

Green Up

Do something.
Doesn’t matter if you know it’s not enough,
that you ought to do so much more,
or believe it’s only worth doing if you never slip up.
Don’t let that stop you:
do what you can, when you can.
Stay the course,
but don’t set the bar beyond reach.
Set a goal, but don’t try to get there in one leap.
Change is necessary,
so break your journey up into blocks.
Green building blocks.
One block on top of another,
forming our path to sustainability.
Green Up

I love this because it’s so insightful – we shouldn’t be so overwhelmed that we stop trying. We must all do what we can, and crucially what is continually viable on an individual level:

To create positive sustainable change, the changes we make must be positive and sustainable.

Ethical Activewear For the Ski Slopes – or the School Run!

One such sustainable change for me is walking the twelve minute school run every day, come rain or shine – or even wintery showers!

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They say there’s no such thing as the wrong weather, only the wrong clothes – and I’ve taken this at face value and kitted myself out accordingly. It’s a nice bonus of course that Protest’s stylish ethical activewear is also perfect for the slopes: I can wear it for the school run – but dream of holidays to come when this is all over…

Sustainable Ski Wear

Protest have a great collection of women’s ski jackets and women’s ski trousers which will work perfectly both for the ultimate ski road trip, or for a cold and wintery dashes to the school gates. Even better, you can be sure that when you buy from Protest, they’re using the most ethical fabrics currently possible, and that they’re constantly working on making improvements.

Likewise, if it’s dad’s turn to brace the cold weather, there’s also a range of men’s ski jackets and men’s ski fleeces available to see them through the winter.

Protest Men's Ski Wear

A Guide to Protest’s Ethical Fabrics

Here’s a quick lowdown of how Protest are going green:

Recycled PET

Polyester is a great material in many ways – when used responsibly. It’s flexible, durable, and water resistant. Unfortunately it’s also been created in abundance, with little thought for what happens to it later: the excess fills landfill and pollutes our oceans.

Rather than contributing to the problem, Protest do not use new polyester in their fabrics; instead they use a recycled version in their garments, made from processing discarded polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles.

Woman Wearing Sustainable Ski Wear
Sustainable ski wear

Recycled Nylon

Protest state on their site that the synthetic material nylon makes up 10% of the debris found in the sea. Because recycled nylon is remarkably strong, Protest say it’s perfect for high wear areas of their clothing; plus, of course, its use reduces demand for new nylon. 

Recycled Rubber

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is not biodegradable. A hybrid of rubber and plastic, it’s durable, flexible, and smooth. Protest uses recycled TPU to help divert new TPU from landfill and ocean pollution.

Women's Ski Wear

PFC Free

Perfluorinated chemicals (PFC’s) are used to waterproof technical fabrics in the sportswear industry. PFC’s contribute to globals warming and their presence in the atmosphere has been linked to cancer, infertility, and low birth weight, as well as causing harm to the brain and heart.

Protest is working to eliminate PFC’s from their supply chain, with their goal to switch their entire range to PFC-free alternatives by 2022.

Whether you’re looking for trendy or sporty ethical activewear, Protest have you covered.

Use code refinedprose10 to get 10% off your Protest order until February 28th, 2021.


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