I was delighted to receive an invitation to attend the #FeelSuper salon in Soho last week. The idea behind it is to #FeelSuper and help Marie Curie, with Frankie Bridge and P&G teaming up with Superdrug to promote the fantastic campaign.

Apparently, all I had to do was visit the salon for a treatment (I chose a mani), and I’d be triggering a donation to the Marie Curie foundation – what’s not to love?

The Marie Curie charity provides specialist care to terminally ill patients and their families. While they once assisted cancer patients only, their jurisdiction has grown to cover all palliative care. Subsisting entirely on the generosity of the public, donations are essential to keep the charity going, and that’s where this campaign comes in.

Launched in 2015, #FeelSuper aimed to raise £100,000 for Marie Curie nurses – but the campaign was so successful it doubled the original target. Following the incredible result last year, Frankie Bridge is once again supporting #FeelSuper in association with Superdrug and P&G.

#FeelSuper and Help Marie Curie, With Frankie Bridge

On my arrival in Soho, I was greeted and immediately shown through to one of the girls in the salon. Once I’d chosen a deep autumnal red colour (to match my brogues, obvs), I was pampered while I had my nails painted, which was a real treat.

#FeelSuper and Help Marie Curie, With Frankie Bridge

Frankie popped out to have some photographs taken (you can see one of her super important shots below…) and she was every bit as glamorous as you’d imagine. Sigh…

#FeelSuper and Help Marie Curie, With Frankie Bridge
I never had a complex about my height before… Memo to self: next time stand tall and wear heels. Or take a step ladder.

Frankie is a huge advocate of #FeelSuper. She says:

“This is a really special charity which I’ve supported for many years and I’m very excited to be working with Marie Curie again through the #FeelSuper campaign. What I love about the campaign is that it’s so easy to get involved, it’s as simple as buying your everyday essentials from Superdrug, without putting anything over and above what you usually put in your shopping basket. For lots of people, it’s the little treats like a new False Lash Epic Mascara from MaxFactor or favourite 2 in 1 Hydration + Radiant Glow moisturiser from Olay that helps them to feel super. Now those everyday pick me ups can make them #FeelSuper knowing they are helping others too. One product = one donation.”

#FeelSuper and Help Marie Curie with Frankie Bridge
Photo credit: Doug Peters/PA Wire

The celebrity recently spent time with wonderful Marie Curie Nurses on a photoshoot, and she subsequently invited these very special men and women to the salon as its first VIP’s.

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#FeelSuper and Help Marie Curie with Frankie Bridge
Photo credit: Doug Peters/PA Wire

Melissa Tiley-Waters, one of the Marie Curie Nurses who joined Frankie at the shoot, said:

“It’s been great to be able to join Frankie in helping raise awareness of this wonderful campaign. When someone is terminally ill, having the support of a Marie Curie Nurse can make a huge difference to them and their family. One of the things I spend my time doing when I’m caring for my patients is simply talking to family members and carers. Just having someone there, to share their thoughts and worries with, really helps at such a difficult time. All of the money raised by #FeelSuper will go a long way in helping Marie Curie reach many more people living with a terminal illness around the country and we, as nurses, hope everyone joins us in getting behind the campaign.”

Several Marie Curie nurses were also milling around at the event, ready to answer my questions and chat about their roles. And my gosh, those men and women are really something else: they offer support day and night, in whichever form that takes. One nurse told me an anecdote about a young mum:

She was having difficulties sleeping and so she used to have her hair and make-up fixed by her nurse at 5am before her children arose in the morning. The heartbreaking reality is that she wanted to look well for her young children – she wanted to spare them seeing her pallor.

Sadly, according to research 1 in 4 people do not have access to the support and care they (and their families) need at the end of their lives, so this campaign is vital to raise awareness as well as funds. #FeelSuper, in association with P&G and Superdrug, is committed to raising a further £200,000 in 2016.

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And the best part is that it’s so easy for you to get involved: simply make a purchase from a wide range of participating P&G products in Superdrug, and you’ll trigger a donation to Marie Curie – that’s it! We all have our ablution must-haves, and from Maxfactor and Olay, to Gillette and Pantene, there are a huge variety of products included in the campaign. All you need do is buy your P&G essentials from Superdrug between 21st September – 18th October inclusive, and you’ll be making a difference.

#FeelSuper and Help Marie Curie, With Frankie Bridge

If we all join forces to help #FeelSuper achieve its target again this year, we’ll be collectively helping to fund the equivalent of ten Marie Curie nurses for a year – or more than 10,000 hours of crucial care and support. Whether it be practical assistance or lending an ear or a shoulder, it’s often these small acts of kindness which make all the difference during difficult circumstances.

Before I left the #FeelSuper event, I was lucky enough to be given a fantastic goodie bag of products, including some of my very favourite Maxfactor make-up items! And I’m excited to be offering my readers the opportunity to win a fabulous hamper for themselves too! For your chance to win, simply enter below.

There’s no obligation for you to subscribe to my blog or like my facebook page to enter; but please note that your chance of winning will increase in line with the laws of karma and the good vibes I’ll be sending your way. (Plus you’ll be notified of other fab posts and giveaways!) #justsaying

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Will you be supporting the #FeelSuper campaign?

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From 21st September to 18th October inclusive, each time you buy any P&G product in a Superdrug store or on Superdrug.com, including brands such as Max Factor, Olay, Gillette, Pantene, Oral-B, Venus and many more, P&G will make a donation to Marie Curie. One product = one donation.

After the 18th October, a selection of products which bear the Marie Curie logo on pack, or at shelf, including brands from P&G will continue to trigger donations. For more information, visit www.superdrug.com/feelsuper.

Terms and conditions:

  • There is one hamper to be won.
  • The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered.
  • This giveaway is open to UK entries only.
  • Entrants must be age 18 or over.
  • Winner’s details will be passed to the promoter, who is responsible for sending out the prize.
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  • Entry into the giveaway will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

This post is sponsored by P&G.

Featured image photo credit: Doug Peters/PA Wire



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  1. Alison Macdonald Reply

    Yes! Will be a pleasure to support such a worthy cause x

  2. Annabel Greaves Reply

    What a fab campaign for such a worthy cause that I would love to support xx

  3. YES I will be supporting the #FeelSuper campaign I think its great

  4. Kelly Ellen Hirst Reply

    I’ll definitely be taking part in #FeelSuper the least I can do is to buy the products from super drug that will help support the cause

  5. Nicola Dow Reply

    Yes! I definitly will be supporting the #FeelSuper campaign

  6. Sharon Lou Johnson Reply

    defo supporting the #FellSuper campaign just what i need about now x

  7. Sharon stanley (@Shandy2008) Reply

    Yes I will be supporting the campaign. I know full well when you feel awful and are losing what feels like your own identity little treats can mean the world.

  8. I don’t know yet. It’s a brilliant idea though, and I hope it works out really well.

  9. Abigail Cullen Reply

    Yes I will be supporting in my own little way such a great campaign.

  10. Rachel Craig Reply

    Yes. Marie Curie Nurses can be so helpful, at such a difficult time. Some years ago a friend was in Aberdeen Hospice terminally ill with cancer. The staff were very good, very Caring, very supportive of all family and friends. We were all so appreciative. They eased the situation for us all by being so Caring and supportive to everyone there.

  11. This is the first I have heard of it, but definitely.. great idea 🙂

  12. Samantha Fernley Reply

    Yes, there are a few brands there that I use so I’ll be supporting.

  13. Jennifer Haden Reply

    Definetely, will support, sounds like a great campaign! 😀

  14. emma walters Reply

    i have to admit this is the first time ive heard about it and will be visiting my superdrug soon 🙂

  15. Leanne Lunn Reply

    Yes I will be supporting the campaign it is such a great cause.

  16. I have not known about it before but I will definitely making a trip to Superdrug this week

  17. vicky brown Reply

    Yes, a great campaign (and love the nails/shoes combo too!)

  18. Mary Campbell Reply

    Definitely – with such a lovely and worthwhile cause, the public should do its utmost to help. Cancer research needs all the help and financial support possible xx

  19. Kali filsell Reply

    Yes I will definitely be supporting this fantastic and extremely important campaign .

  20. Rachel Livett Reply

    Most definitely, I’m more than happy to buy products to support good causes!

  21. Kayleigh Robinson Reply

    I will support it as much as I can, Marie Curie nurses do an amazing job ❤️

  22. I’ve not heard of the #FeelSuper campaign before but I’ll have a look in to it.

  23. debbie jayne Reply

    I will certainly support this worthy cause -This time last year I lost my mum to this terrible disease 🙁 #cancersucks

  24. Angela Kelly Reply

    This is an amazing charity for a great cause, I’ll be happy to show my support for it.

  25. James Harris Reply

    If there is a way that I can personally support the campaign then I will.

  26. david cavender Reply

    will be doing so with some of my friends as well-great cause.

  27. Victoria Prince Reply

    Definitely be supporting it 🙂 I’ve never come across this campaign before but what a great idea

  28. Rebecca Alderson Reply

    It’ll be great to support such a worthy cause, just be buying my usual products!

  29. Rachel Butterworth Reply

    Yes. Definitely supporting the #FeelSuper campaign.

  30. Heather Morrison Reply

    I will definitely be supporting the #FeelSuper campaign! Xx

  31. Mary Duncan Reply

    Yes I will be supporting the #feelsuper campaign, Marie Curie do such important work, the story of the mum with young children has broken my heart.

  32. bella bazley Reply

    I’ll be supporting #FeelSuper, I’m always popping into Superdrug.

  33. Mary Baldwin Reply

    Yes I will be supporting this and encouraging others to do so.

  34. My make-up bag needs updating so I will definitely be supporting the campaign with a little shopping spree. I lost my mum to cancer a few years ago so I now how important this cause is to so many people.

  35. jo liddement Reply

    Yes in will definately be supporting this fabulous campaign

  36. Victoria Dixon Reply

    Yes for definite! such a worthy cause and so close to many peoples hearts x

  37. olivia Kirby Reply

    I hadn’t heard anything about it until I read this but probably will now

  38. Louise Crocker Reply

    I work in a nursing home and care for people with terminal illnesses and it’s truly heartbreaking. I like to do whatever I can to help so yes I will be supporting #feel super

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