[Ad]  We all know that holidaying with small children isn’t really holidaying at all – it’s parenting in another setting! Which is why our current ‘safe’ choice is to take long weekend staycations in the UK. But – we’ve been promising our eldest for some time that we’ll take her on a plane. And we can no longer avoid it.

With this in mind we’ve started to consider our options for holidaying abroad next summer.

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Firstly, it wasn’t hard to decide that we should opt for somewhere relatively close. We’ve no way of knowing how the girls will handle being on a plane, so it makes sense to keep it short-haul – just in case we have a nervous flyer in the family.

This limits us to Europe, and that’s fine by me. There are many beautiful places to visit and I’ve only been to a handful, most of which I’d gladly return to. Plus of course, if you’re simply enjoying the weather and not doing the tourist bit, once you’re safely ensconced inside your quarters, you could be anywhere in the world:

There’s no need to travel for ten hours if the majority of your time is going to be spent playing in and around the pool!


For one of the shortest flights possible with guaranteed sunshine and beautiful beaches, we settled on Alicante. A little research quickly reassured me that there’s plenty for families to do and see.

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Next on the agenda was to consider accommodation. We weighed up our options, and whilst we could stay in a hotel, it can prove difficult to choose one which is completely family friendly.

While hotels may not be family unfriendly, the reality is that if you want to eliminate the fear of bothering other holidaymakers, there’s really only one solution, and that’s to hire a villa. Clickstay is ideal for the purpose, having plenty of villas and apartments in Alicante to choose from – in fact, they have over 75,000 properties in 70 countries, offering everything from luxury private pool villas and chic city apartments, to countryside chateaus and ski chalets!

With your own space, you’re at complete liberty to kick back and and relax. You have the freedom of knowing you have only yourselves to please, and that counts for a lot when you have young children with short boredom thresholds!

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Next year will be a little different for us, in that we no longer have the same flexibility as previously. Now that Pixie is in school, we’ll be limited to the dates we’re able to take. But considering my extreme aversion to crowds, it’s just one more reason to be confident that a villa is the perfect choice for our family!

N.B. I decided to do my homework and it transpires that should Brexit go ahead with no deal, EHIC cards will not be valid. If you’re planning to travel to Europe next summer, you may be liable to pay for medical expenses which is a new thing! Please check and ensure you have sufficient travel insurance to cover your needs!


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