[Ad / gifted ] Last week I was invited to take part in an evening of entertainment hosted by Moonpig – from the comfort of my own kitchen. Along with a group of other bloggers, I joined a Zoom call to learn the arts of flower arranging and cocktail making. It didn’t all go quite according to plan, and I have video evidence for your entertainment (keep reading)!

Suffice to say, it’s not as easy as it looks!

Smart App Features

We started off the evening with Jasper, who has helped to develop the Moonpig app, walking us through how to simply and easily create a card right from your mobile, along with a few tips and tricks. Some of the best features are currently only available on iOS, but these will hopefully be rolled out to Android in due course.

A very clever feature is the augmented reality which allows you to see exactly how big a card will be, and what it will look like on your coffee table or mantelpiece. Another of my favourites is the ability to upload a handwritten note, or even a picture – you can get as creative as you like. If your kids are anything like our eldest then that will definitely be a much-loved and oft-used option.

Fabulous Flowers

Portrait Bouquet

Next up, Roxanne gave us some brilliant pointers for arranging and displaying a bunch of gorgeous blooms to its most beautiful advantage. We were very fortunate to be gifted a stunning bouquet to work with which of course helped, especially as my handiwork still leaves a lot to be desired!

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That said, I picked up a couple of invaluable tips from Roxanne. The key principles for the method we were taught are as follows:

  • Separate the stems into each different type of flower
Separated Stems
  • Trim around 2cm off at an angle
  • Fan out each different type of flower, working your way around the vase
  • Build up from there, using each variety.

But don’t panic – if flower arranging is not your bag or this seems like too much work, there’s a simpler way to display your bouquet, and those instructions come printed with your flower delivery.

After around three days, Roxanne also recommends removing the flowers, rinsing any slimy stems, re-cutting and refreshing the water.

This will help them to last for as long as possible.

Aerial View of Bouquet

Also be sure to discard any dead flowers when you notice them, to prevent them from contaminating the rest of the vase.

This was a really interesting part of the evening for me as it’s something I always comment on when I receive flowers – that I wish I knew how to better display my beautiful blooms! I’ll be sure to bear the tips in mind for the future, and now I’m just waiting for an opportunity to practice my new skills – hint hint, nudge nudge, Darling.

Creative Cocktails

Next up James from Mix & Twist gave us a masterclass in cocktail making! James was excellent at making this very fun, and I really enjoyed this part of the night. 

We were first quizzed on the names of the various tools we were using; I had no idea what they were called but found it fascinating to discover that you juice a lemon or lime with a Mexican elbow, and you crush (or ‘muddle’ fruit in a glass with a muddler – and before you deposit herbs in a cocktail, you must first spank them!

Cocktail Making

After easing us in with a follow-along creation comprising vodka and elderflower, we were next tasked with watching, and then recreating a summery Strawberry Fizz from memory – only this time we were racing each other!

I think I might have been in with a chance of coming somewhere near the first to finish – if my shaker hadn’t got stuck! I was completely unable to free it from the glass, which you can watch here! (Note my super sexy ankle socks which pop into view halfway through too…)

Finally, James showed us how to create a Passionfruit Martini, and my attempt was pretty dismal as it had zero head. I did wonder whether the fact I forgot to add alcohol may have contributed to my poor effort – but regardless, each of the drinks tasted lovely. After months of being stuck at home, even my questionable creations were thoroughly enjoyed!

Celebrate in Style With Moonpig

It’s great to know that these days, Moonpig offers so much more than cards. Now, it’s super simple to complete your gift buying in the same place as buying a card, which streamlines some life admin – win!

Finally, in case you’ve not yet got around to utilising this feature – Moonpig is also like your own personal PA. They have a really handy option to save birthdays and anniversaries and send you notifications in advance – so you’ll never get caught out again. Best of all, you can bulk upload these dates right from your calendar, so there’s no need to manually input individually.

Download the Moonpig app here, and get 30% off when you purchase a card and gift together using code APP30ORDER. Offer ends 26th August.



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  1. Ha ha, I love your video! My WiFi connection dropped out just before that demo, so I didn’t realise we were supposed to make the drink afterwards. So while everyone else was racing to win, I sat there enjoying my drink! I did miss out some of the ingredients as well though. It was a fun event 🙂

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