So the thing I was so certain couldn’t possibly happen, is happening. And over and above all else, my priority now is ensuring my children’s wellbeing – so the only thing I can do in this scary situation is plan. I’ve created a free, customisable kids schedule template. This downloadable daily and weekly routine is fully editable with fun illustrations and activity ideas.

I won’t pretend I’m not feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of being thrown into home education and everything it entails on top of being a parent: nurturing my girls’ health, nutrition, and education, whilst also providing structure, fun, fresh air, play, routine, balance. 

Doing these things in a confined space and with little support is a huge responsibility which suddenly falls squarely on our shoulders.

Mother Teaching Daughter

The Importance of Routine for Children

I decided early on that maintaining a regular routine would be key for all of us in terms of our mental health. And let’s face it, what’s coming is a huge disruption to everybody’s usual way of life.

The biggest hurdle I was (am) going to face is a reluctance from the girls to comply with a new structure when we’re not actually leaving the house. 

I’ll be honest – our limited free time around school and other obligations is mostly reserved for chilling out in preparation for the following busy day. Alongside getting out into nature for some fresh air, that’s something we actively encourage – relaxation to aid revitalisation. 

So naturally this is what Pixie has come to expect from home life. Except home life is now all life, and things will necessarily become different. We needed her to be on board with the changes.

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Customisable Kids Schedule Template

I decided to make a bright and colourful planner, full of novel and fun activities. I’m not a natural crafty mum. But this I could do! The idea being that if I involve Pixie in the process, she’ll be more likely to want to follow the schedule we create. It’s early days, so wish me luck on that score!

I made our schedule in a fully customisable format with lots of ideas and illustrations, which Pixie could select from to help me put together a new timetable each week. Then we can simply print it off and stick it on the fridge.

Customisable Kids Schedule Template
Afternoon page of our fully customisable kids schedule template.

Having created this, I decided to share in case it will also benefit any other non-crafty parents. If you’d like even more options to customise yours, you might be interested in purchasing some bundled together design elements to really go to town with creating something you and your child will love!

Here you go – enjoy and please let me know how you get on!

Feelings are naturally running very high, and I’m personally swinging between denial and sheer panic. Of course that’s not a healthy place to be, and now the best possible thing we can do is come together, and make the best of this situation we’re faced with.

Fully customisable kids schedule template, showing daily and weekly routine for home education. Editable and downloadable kids planner. #planner #freekidsplanner #freekidsschedule #freekidsroutine #homeed #homeeducation

If you have any other ideas for keeping the children occupied, entertained and compliant, please share because this is uncharted territory and I’m looking for all the help I can get.

And if you’re looking for support with what is inevitable going to be a hugely challenging period mentally, emotionally, financially and probably every other -y, why not join my Facebook group, Self Care and Wellbeing During Isolation?


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