[Ad/press trip – all opinions are my own.] Dan and I recently enjoyed a rather special adventure in London – sans children. With it being around the time of his birthday I’d tried very hard to arrange a trip to the Harry Potter studios while we were there, alas I had no idea about how booked up the venue gets, months in advance! Instead, I managed to secure the next best thing: staying at a Harry Potter themed hotel! Here’s my Georgian House Hotel review, including a very cool mixologist experience!

I’ve just recently returned for a weekend in London with my sister-in law, this time in a twin guest room. Although we weren’t there for the full Potter experience, we still indulged in the Wizard Afternoon Tea – of course! – and enjoyed a rather spectacular cocktail too.

Here’s a little video from my more recent trip (and full review from our previous stay below).

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Georgian House Hotel Review

Tucked away in smart Pimlico, within walking distance of Westminster, the elegant Grade II listed Georgian House Hotel is described on their website as a chic boutique, with quintessential Victorian charm. Beyond being well-located for exploring the west of London, it also boasts several unique and unforgettable experiences…

The Wizard Chamber

I had no idea what to expect, and when we arrived the entrance seemed ‘normal’ enough, with no hint of the Potter-themed chambers we were to stay in. The decor was kitsch, with large leave-print wallpaper, low-level wood panelling, and moody portraits hanging in gold frames giving a feeling of kitsch grandeur.

Georgian House Hotel Review - Wizard Chambers

We were taken down to our ‘chambers’ which, it turns about, are genius. The basement rooms which have minimal natural light and were previously unpopular with guests, have been transformed using clever detailing. Paying meticulous attention to detail, the hotel has created something very clever: yes, the rooms are dark – but now that darkness has purpose. With the hints of potter, such as Horcrux mugs and chalices to drink from, the overall impression is very effective if you’re a Potterhead, or even just like that kind of decoration.

Dan has all the films and is a big fan, so he was in his element, and we’re certain Pixie and Elfin would love it too.

The accommodation itself was mostly spacious, if somewhat unusual in its layout. The loo was the only space that felt quite tight, with the separate shower cubicle being plenty big enough, two basins in the main room, and three double beds. The main bed was right at the back of the suite, with something I’ve never seen before in the front: a double bunk bed! It a little bit made me want to get one for the girls.

Georgian House Hotel Review - Wizard Chambers

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Georgian House Hotel Breakfast

The restaurant area was cosy but never crowded. There was a buffet style breakfast laid on, and a full cooked breakfast is also included. Unfortunately I had a work event to be at early on the morning we woke up in the hotel, so sadly we didn’t have the opportunity to experience that. However, I did see neighbouring guests’ food brought out – and it looked incredible.

The Wizard Cocktail Experience

I can’t adequately articulate how cool this was.

We were brought out trays of test tubes containing our ingredients, and a recipe for mixing them to create our cocktails.

Georgian House Hotel Review - Wizard Cocktail

The waitress stood by our table correcting us when we (Dan) went wrong – it’s really not that hard to follow the instructions – he was just like an excited little boy!

They have both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version of the cocktail available and I cannot recommend highly enough. This would be ideal for with the kids as it was so fun!

The Cheese Afternoon Tea

On our last afternoon before we left, we enjoyed an afternoon tea with a twist: cheese!

It may sound unusual, and it was. But it was also amazing and if I lived closer I’d undoubtedly do it again. Instead of finger sandwiches, there were a few savoury items. Following on we savoured cheddar and thyme, and blue cheese scones, with chutney and apple slices. We were also gifted a small jar of the chutney to take home which I thought was a nice touch.

Georgian House Hotel Review - Cheese Afternoon Tea Savouries

To finish, we had sweet treats which, of course, incorporated cheese; my favourite was a goat’s cheese mousse, beetroot jam, and basil tart. You can see the full avant-garde menu here.

To accompany the afternoon tea – as if that were not enough – is a flight tray of drinks to enjoy alongside.

I hope my review of the Georgian House Hotel has been helpful. We really enjoyed our time there and would have loved to have a little longer to savour everything on offer, including the snuggest cinema in London. Designed perfectly for two, it boasts a classic red velvet sofa, retro lighting, and a mini bar! Perhaps we’ll head back in the future when we have another opportunity to sneak away for a night.

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