This week I’ve trawled back through my memory for great posts I’ve read over the past weeks and months. So though it may seem entirely random, there is a very definite theme: awesome. Awesome women, awesome writers, awesome reads. And I’ve thrown a book in for good measure, too.


Good Reads


1. How to Get Noticed as a Blogger – Boobs & A*se, by Katie at Mummy in a Tutu;

Katie takes a humorous look at how to get yourself out there as a blogger. We had a good laugh about it afterwards too!

2. Be the Persistent Blogger, by Martyn at Inside Martyn’s Thoughts;

Along a similar vein, Martyn discusses ‘making it’ as a blogger. A thought-provoking read for those of us still finding our way…

3. Ten Ridiculous Things I Said Before Kids, by Laura at The Butterfly Mother;

Laura nails it with this post – I defy any parent to read this and not find themselves nodding along in agreement.

4. ‘Am I Fat?’ Asked the 5 Year Old, by Lucy at Lucy at Home;

This subject really concerns me, I’ve written about it myself – but to see that my fears are valid is very disheartening. I’m glad it appears to have been just a phase in this instance, but nonetheless it reminds me of the importance of remaining vigilant with my daughter. Lucy has made me question my levels of naivety in another post I wrote about how simply we can ease their concerns. Of course I appreciated at the time, and still do, that it may not always be so straight forward; however I’m now thinking that rather than displaying a mild degree of naivety, that post is probably nearer catastrophic levels… I hope I’m wrong.

5. What’s It Like to Be a Single Mother by Choice? by Min at Single Mum Speaks.

This is so fascinating; a sneak peek into the life of a lady I’m sure we all greatly admire – and possibly, on occasion, envy too. (Did I really just say that? Yep. And I’m not taking it back – if you’ve never thought it, even fleetingly, then you’re a liar or a saint.)

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  1. Lucy (@Lucy_at_home) Reply

    I am so flattered to be included in this list! Thank you!

    I have actually already read the first 2 (Mummy In A Tutu and Inside Martyn’s Thoughts) so I know they’re excellent choices! They are both posts that have really stood out to me over the last few months.

    I’m going to go and have a read the others now too!

    • Kate Tunstall Reply

      Ah, you’re so welcome! ? I hope you enjoy the others too. Thanks for commenting!

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