In exchange for my Gro Anywhere Blind review, the Gro Company kindly gifted me the product.

You must be as bored of hearing it as I am of saying it – the Devil Pixie is so-called for her lack of interest in sleep. Granted, I did recently rave about the wonderful Gro-Clock, and it is true that it has helped a great deal. So admittedly, things are much improved. But…

As I type, I’m practically falling asleep on my keyboard. Because the Devil Pixie was awake and up for the day at 5.30am this morning. Groan.

In fairness, I must come to her defense on this occasion: it’s her father’s fault. He was getting up for work at that time and – Christ only knows what food he ate last night – but suffice to say he wasn’t as quiet as he might have been, and I’m not talking squeaky floorboards…

Are you desperately seeking a solution to your baby's night time disturbances? If you want to help encourage your baby to sleep peacefully, you need a blackout blind! But finding the best one can be a minefield. This honest Gro Anywhere blind review looks at the good and bad aspects of this particular option.

Moving on. One of the greatest difficulties we’ve faced with Pixie is the brightness coming into her bedroom. So, naturally, I bought a blackout blind. It worked reasonably well, but… Well, actually – no: it didn’t work well enough. To prevent sunbeams slicing round the sides like daggers, I had to customise it with velcro strips to ensure it lay flat against the wall. The summer months were a bit of a nightmare to say the least.

And then the damn thing broke, which meant that rather than using the cord to pull the blind up each day, I was lifting and sticking it using the velcro. Not ideal.

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Gro Anywhere Blind Review

So when the Gro Company offered me the opportunity to review their Gro-Anywhere blind I was delighted.

Gro Anywhere Blind Review

The idea behind the product is that it’s portable and will fit to any window: perfect for when you’re staying away from home. Which we rarely do for fear of inflicting on others our oft-dreaded nights. But this blind would have been a Godsend on the couple of occasions we have stayed away: no curtains in the spare bedroom? No problem – for those of us going to bed after dark…

Or, it transpires, for those of us with the Gro Anywhere Blind in our arsenal!

The blind comes in a handy bag, and I’ll concede that you need to be quite careful about folding it in order to get it back inside. That’s no issue for me, because I do fold carefully; my hubby on the other hand – for fear of him losing his temper and simply deciding to wear it around the house as a cape – I would not allow near.

The Gro Anywhere Blind has a nice stars and moon design, and works using sucker cups which attach to the window itself.

Gro Anywhere Blind Review

This means that once in place, the blind is flat to the glass – preventing any sunlight from creeping round the edges. Plus, the plastic-y backing means there is zero light coming through the material. But the really clever aspect of the design is that the blind can be made to fit (almost) any window (I’d say with confidence any standard-size would be covered (no pun intended). Allow me to explain:

Using the velcro, you can extend or fold the material to the correct size, essentially meaning the blind can (within reason) be made as large or as small as is required. One size fits all. BOOM.

In truth, due to the ‘temporary’ nature of this blind, it’s probably most suited to travel, as opposed to being your go-to solution for at home.

However, I have to say that with the alternatives available, if you could be bothered to whip the Gro Anywhere blind up and down each day, then it works as well, or even better, than many other products currently available – with the added bonus of also being portable.

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