If you’re a light sleeper or then you’ll appreciate the importance of laying your hands on the best blackout blinds available. Even more so if you have young children, in which case excellent nursery blackout blinds are an absolute must.

But what constitutes great blackout blinds? Aside from making your baby sleep of course…

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Sleeping Baby

With any bedroom blinds and curtains, the priority is – obviously – blocking out light. Important criteria for a baby blackout blind may also include portability, and cordless blackout blinds will also be highly preferable for safety reasons.

Anyway, I’ve tried many, many different blackout options over the last few years, and even with made to measure blinds, it’s almost impossible to achieve darkness in the height of summer.

Desperately Seeking Sleep…

For a while we had a cheap off the shelf blind which was okay, but to prevent sunbeams slicing round the sides like daggers of piercing light, I had to customise it with velcro strips to make it lay flat against the wall. The season of daylight saving was a bit of a nightmare to say the least.

And then the damn thing broke, which meant that rather than using the cord to pull the blind up each day, I was temporarily lifting and sticking it using the velcro. It didn’t work very well and it didn’t look very good.

So when I was gifted the Gro Anywhere blind to review, I thought it was definitely worth a shot. It’s not expensive, and it has a lot going for it.

Nursery Blackout Blinds

My Favourite Nursery Blackout Blinds For Total Darkness

The clever concept behind the product is that it’s portable and will fit to any window: perfect for when you’re staying away from home. Which, of course, we rarely do for fear of inflicting our girls’ (lack of) sleep on others.

But this blind would have been a Godsend on the couple of occasions when we have stayed away: no curtains in the spare bedroom? No problem…if you’re going to bed after dark.

Or, it transpires, for those of us with the Gro Anywhere blind in our arsenal.

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The blind comes in a handy bag, which is almost-too small, but not quite – if you have a masters in origami. That’s no issue for me, because I fold carefully and precisely; my husband on the other hand, less so. I had to ban him from attempting to put it away for fear of him losing his temper and simply deciding to wear it around the house as a cape.

Gro Anywhere Blind - Bag

Cordless Blackout Blinds Are Important

The Gro Anywhere blind is cordless, has a nice stars and moon design, and is secured in place using sucker cups which attach to the window itself.

This means that once in position, the blind is flat to the glass – preventing any sunlight from creeping round the edges.

Nursery Blackout Blinds
Gro Anywhere nursery blackout blinds.

Unfortunately it also means you end up with round marks all over your window, and it’s not easy to ‘open’ the blind each morning.

On the flip side, the plastic-y backing means zero light comes through the material.

But the really clever aspect of the design is that the blind can be made to fit (almost) any window – I’m confident it would cover any standard size. Using the velcro, you can extend or fold the material to the correct size, essentially meaning the blind can (within reason) be made as large or as small as is required. Ta-da! – one size fits all.

Best blackout blinds for a nursery.
Light is completely blocked on the left side where the blind is fully secured.

So Are They the Best Blackout Blinds On the Market?

Truthfully, it’s a crude mechanism – but it functions superbly where nothing else does.

In truth, due to its ‘temporary’ nature, the Gro Anywhere is best suited for travel, as opposed to being your go-to home solution for nursery blackout blinds.

However, I have to say that with the alternatives available, if you could be bothered to whip the Gro Anywhere blind up and down each day, then it works as well, or even better, than many other products I’ve tried – with the added bonus of also being portable.

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We now have made to measure blinds in the girls’ bedrooms, but as summer approaches each year I’m often tempted – and do sometimes resort – to getting the Gro Anywhere blackout blind back out for Elfin’s bedroom.

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