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Guide to Choosing Fun & Whimsical Prints to Brighten Up Your Home

[Ad] Since I last worked with Posterlounge I’ve been eyeing up my next project: tackling the entrance to our home with some hallway art to brighten up the space.

Hallway Art

While I’m a fan of a minimalist look, that’s true only up to a point. It’s important for me to find the balance between uncluttered and clinical. So injecting splashes of colour in a few key areas are imperatives for me, especially since we have children – they deserve to be surrounded by fun, and the right prints can achieve that.

Now the tricky element here is in satisfying all tastes; how do you select pieces of artwork that work for all the family – and also work together? It’s not easy, especially when you have literally thousands of prints to choose from! 

In essence it’s about flexibility, literally and figuratively.

It’s entirely possible to have something for everyone within a cohesive collection:

Posterlounge Prints in Hallway

Hallway Art For the Whole Family

Here are my decorating tips for hallway art (which can also be applied to other rooms!):

1. Be Bold

Be brave – play with size, colour, orientation, and composition. Several prints combined with one or two quotes can be very effective:

And don’t be afraid to mix it up, off-set frames, and be a little whimsical; no longer ruled out, hanging pictures at a low level can be a quirky way to display your art:

In fact, the only rule is that the rule book has been ripped up!

While there may be no hard and fast rules, you’ll still want some cohesion. If you’re unsure, look online for inspiration. Posterlounge has lots of suggestions on their website for wall art sets, designed to go together, as well as offering you the option of searching by room, artist, or theme. They ship within Europe, with in-house production of orders printed on demand and framed by hand.

Their Instagram page is also brim-full with ideas to lust over; here are a few of my personal favourites…

Varied Orientation, in Offset Frames:

Gallery Wall, in Similar Tones:

Otherworldly Themed Prints in Jewel Tones:

Abstract Artwork, Fitted Around Wall Fixtures:

With so much choice, you’re bound to be able to find something to please everyone. 

2. Create a Mood Board 

If you’re still undecided, try creating a mood board of colours or types of print that you love. Posterlounge have a great wish list feature that allows you to curate your favourite prints, so that you can keep track and then decide which work best together.

Once you’re decided on your favourite prints, you could sketch out different compositions, positioning and repositioning the colours and sizes until you find the arrangement that works best. 

Hallway Art

3. Tie It Together

Choose one element to make your prints work cohesively, and then feel free to get creative!

You might select a specific colour or palette to run through all of the prints, or perhaps a style of art. And then you can go to town with different finishes such as acrylic, aluminium, and wood, and different sizes. 

4. Match Your Mood

What is the purpose of art if not to elicit certain feelings in the observer? 

Make your art work for you, by selecting pieces that stir you in some way, and have this in mind when curating for specific rooms or spaces. For example, while the theme for my office is calming, feminine, and inspiring, I’ve chosen pieces for our hallway that evoke fun and feel welcoming:

Whimsical Hallway Prints

5. Make It Transient

If you can, avoid making holes in your walls so that your artwork doesn’t become ‘permanent’. There’s nothing wrong in arranging prints on a shelf instead of hanging them – it can look very stylish, especially when overlapped like this: 

The other benefit to avoiding permanence is it creates flexibility, and allows you to switch pieces around depending on current trends, the season, or even your mood. Our tastes are fluid and constantly evolving, so it makes sense for the artwork in our homes to reflect this.