I take the health of my family very seriously. For example, hubby and I have been determined to keep Pixie’s diet as clean as possible for as long as possible – in fact, I don’t think refined sugar passed her lips until her first birthday. And that occasion was under duress because a friend had kindly baked her a birthday cake… However, our intense strictness paid off because she spat it out. All the more for mummy. Oh noooo

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it’s true – I am a hypocrite.

But our intention is good and I stand by the fact that if she doesn’t know what she’s missing then she’s not actually missing anything, is she? She’s a happy child with a healthy appetite; it just so happens that she favours petit pois over chocolate, and she’d prefer to snack on cherry tomatoes than cherry cola bottles. (She has even been known to munch on crickets and buffalo worms of her own accord – I’m actually not kidding, go check out Instagram for proof – link to the left of the page.)

(In fairness, she’s never tasted either of those sugary treats. Also, I don’t lie about the veg, she does in fact love them both: I think she was about ten months old the first time she brought me a tupperware pot demanding it to be filled with frozen pulses – which she subsequently devoured with such vigour you’d be forgiven for thinking we only feed her once in 24 hours.)

Alas, we all have our vices, and Pixie’s is a small packet of biscuits most days. That may sound horrendous, but actually they’re really not bad – I purchase organic baby cardboard biccies, naturally flavoured and containing no nasties.

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Heavenly Tasty Organics Review

So when I was contacted about a Heavenly Tasty Organics review recently with the opportunity to trial a selection of their baby snacks, I knew Pixie would be delighted. And because they’re made specifically with little ones over-zealous and anxious parents in mind, they pass my rigorous nutritional requirements too. Lucky little Pixie.

We were kindly sent wafers, waffles, squishies and more. Pixie undoubtedly has her favourites among these items, but basically, they’ve been well received. (And – as you do as a health-conscious mother – I naturally had a nibble myself: not half bad actually. I agree with her about the favourites too.)

What we received:

  • Pumpkin & Banana Wafer Wisps;
  • Spinach, Apple & Kale Wafer Wisps;
  • Carrot and Cumin Crispy Veggie Waffles;
  • Sweetbeet and Shallot Crispy Veggie Waffles;
  • Banana, Apple, Mango and Coconut Milk Squishies;
  • Banana, Apple, Strawberry and Coconut Milk Squishies;
  • Rosemary Mini Italian Breadsticks;
  • Original Mini Italian Breadsticks;
  • Banana Halo Bites;
  • Apple Halo Bites.

Pixie’s undeniable favourites were the waffles. How can I be so sure? Because she was stuffing fistfuls of them in her mouth like I do with Minstels.

But that’s okay – because they’re made from over 50% vegetables! They also contain no-added sugar plus 0% artificial flavours, colourings, or preservatives. And, as snack quality controller, I can vouch for them being rather tasty.

These snacks are particularly fab because they’re basically guilt-free, on-the-go, l-a-z-y options – which are perfect for the life of a busy work-at-home parent.

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  1. Jade Wilson Reply

    Gah, I wish my kids’ tastes were as healthy. Toby doesn’t eat any fruit or vegetables at all and only has about five foods he will actually eat. Ted on the other hand will eat all the good stuff, woohoo! Toby’s favourite snack is probably chocolate (eek!) and Ted’s is definitely grapes or an apple – polar opposites! These look yummy though, Ted loved the one I got from Britmums earlier this year x

  2. Laura Pritchard Reply

    My son loves apples & my daughter is obsessed with strawberries!

  3. My daughter used to love carrots, melons and grapes the most. When we got lizards she would dip smaller bowls into a big pastry bowl full of fresh fruit salad I kept in the fridge and have a helping for her and one for the lizards (yes, she did make a bit of a mess dishing up but hey ho!) As she got older she used to mix & match fruit salads and winter salads, adding nuts, crisps and dried fruits for snack pots

  4. My niece likes to take a tuna wrap in her backpack just in case.

  5. Judith Allen Reply

    My daughter loved sliced apple, cheese, raw carrot. She was pretty easy to please really. Funny that she’s vegan now, at 25. So no cheese for her!

  6. Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) Reply

    My daughter loves grapes and a plum as a snack.

  7. My daughter loves carrot and celery sticks with or without hummus.

  8. Allan Wilson Reply

    I like to think that it’s the Pitta and Hummous we give them (but suspect if you asked it would be chocolate)

  9. Isabel Roberts Reply

    My little girl Olivia-Rose loves bananas. She’s gotten to the point where she’ll happily sit with the whole banana in her hand just chomping away rather than having to cut it up, she loves it 🙂

  10. Becca Murphy Reply

    My little one loves bananas and courgettes which I didn’t see coming!

  11. Miss Tracy Hanson Reply

    At the moment, strawberries and grapes. They do like their fruit. 🙂

  12. Hayley Todd Reply

    My little girl loves carrot and cucumber batons with hummus.

  13. Bethan Critchley Reply

    Carrot sticks all the way! My dad used to cut mine into little shapes for me (like fishes) – I’d always look forward to unwrapping them in my little lunchbox at lunchtime!

  14. Carly Belsey Reply

    My daughter is obsessed with bananas, I let her have one a day but I have to hide them as she just asks for them all day long! 🙂

  15. Well it’s not healthy but her first choice would be mint chocolate…and then green grapes!!

  16. Caroline Bellamy Reply

    He loves grapes (and chocolate but doesn’t get that very often!)

  17. paula cheadle Reply

    kiwi fruit at the moment, but any fruit really, she prefers fruit to sweets and crispd

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