I received a selection of personalised books in exchange for this I See Me review. 

We’re big book lovers in our house, and reading is something we actively encourage and promote. When it comes to a bedtime routine there are few better ways to wind down from a busy day than to sit and engage with your child by reading a story together. It’s also the perfect way to foster an interest in learning to read. But if course there’s far more to it too:

The ability to read allows the imagination to grow and the memory to develop. Immersion in an enchanting storyline is the perfect aid to teach self-soothing and relaxation.

(I don’t believe in CIO!)

Even as an adult, one of favourite pastimes is to sit down with a good book (on my kindle) – and no matter how sleep-deprived I am, I can’t switch off from the day without ten minutes reading.

When I think back to my childhood it makes me sad that I never had a personalised book of my own. I thought they were magical (literally!) when I saw friends’, so never thought to request one for myself. (I was a naïve child.)

I See Me Review of ‘It’s Fancy to Be Me’

I See Me has some lovely designs, my favourite of those we were sent being It’s Fancy to Be Me. The book shows a little girl travelling across the world and what she gets up to in various countries, the activities being typical of each location.

With the current trend to find everything offensive as a hobby, were this an adult’s book it would be labelled ‘politically incorrect’. Personally I view it as a harmless way of demonstrating geographical traditions.

Each book features your child’s name on the cover; in a personalised dedication inside; peppered throughout the text – and also in some of the images. The wording is relatively simple but grammatically correct – essential when teaching children to read, yet not always a given in my experience (not this brand!).

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The website is simple to use and I was pleased to see that despite having a boys and girls section, there was a dinosaur book in both (although I’d have liked to see a few more unisex choices). Overall these are lovely books which make a great gift for special occasions, particularly with the option of adding a photo of the child in some cases.

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