[Ad] There’s something about beautiful stationery, isn’t there? An elegant blank sheet of parchment, a crisp creamy envelope, a beautiful fountain pen inviting you to pick it up and make magic as you touch nib to paper… As a wordsmith I crave gorgeous writing materials – and yet despite the importance of letter writing, handwriting is becoming a lost art.

Since my first pay cheque in this job, I’ve owned a more-than-adequate MacBook which is where the wizardry happens; yet since I’ve been lucky enough to have my own office from which to work, all I want to do is fill it with pretty stationery items.

I have a shiny white desk begging to be adorned with lovely floral pads, sticky notes in pastel hues , and gorgeous planners to organise my life and shower me with daily affirmations – I want to collect it all! 

And yet the reality is that I rarely write these days – at least, not with pen and paper.

I could blame a lack of time – which is definitely relevant – but the truth is simply that I don’t make it a priority. Who does these days? It’s becoming less expected, with everything from invitations to celebratory cards and thank you notes being sent electronically instead.

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And actually, this is something I’m conflicted about because of the environmental implications: my conscience tells me that birthday and Christmas cards are a pitiful waste – alas my heart still places more value on a handwritten missive than a quickly-fired off text. But, with my new motto being conscience over convenience, I rarely send cards these days (it was touch and go whether to buy one for our daughter’s fifth birthday!).

Some Things Are Sacred

We bought the card. Because much as we want to do our bit for this planet, our priority will always be our daughters – they’re the whole reason we want to make this world better, after all. So Pixie had her birthday card from Mummy, Daddy and her baby sister, and our children will continue to enjoy receiving cards until they’re old enough to comprehend why we don’t really believe in them anymore.

The thing is – it’s okay not be perfect in this fight to be sustainable and save out planet. I don’t claim to be, and I accept that it’s not healthy to even attempt it. We can only do our best, and some things are sacred.

While we may no longer send lots of cards, there are circumstances in which stationery will always hold a special place in my heart: Christenings, weddings, funerals – I will always believe in the personal touch for these special occasions. There are few things more exciting than being passed an embossed, wax-sealed envelope (such as those available from Bestbuyenvelopes)!

The Importance of Letter Writing

And there’s one more situation which I intend to actively revive the use of pen and paper…

I want my girls to grow up appreciating and finding joy in the English language, as I do. And I want them to know the value in and importance of letter writing.

The Importance of Letter Writing - Pen and Paper

The idea of writing, sending, and receiving letters becoming something that’s confined to the past deeply saddens me – and I won’t allow it to happen to my family, on my watch. Reading and writing are part of what make us human, and the comfort which can be found in putting pen to paper and the joy of receiving a handwritten note, are values to be cherished.

Passing on My Love for Stationery and Letter Writing

As the girls get older I hope that they too will find a certain satisfaction in a blank page of paper, a beautiful diary, or a fabulous writing set. Pixie already adores drawing and is showing great enthusiasm for expanding her vocabulary and learning to write her first few words, and I hope that continues.

Certainly I’ll encourage Pixie’s flair for creativity by introducing her to the pleasures of gorgeous writing sets and letter writing, and Elfin too if she shares her sister’s passion. Perhaps as they each begin to grasp spelling and handwriting they’ll discover a shared love of stationery.

I like to think that in ten, twenty, thirty years time, they may choose to write the occasional letter to us, just because.



An award-nominated blogger and author, Kate is a huge advocate of personal growth, focusing on journaling to increase positivity and facilitate mindful motherhood. With a wealth of experience in breastfeeding and CMPA, Kate is also an expert baby sleep chaser. Her writing has appeared on Mothercare, Huff Post, and BritMums.

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