[Ad] Isn’t it the most surreal feeling in the world when you blink and suddenly your baby is a baby no more? My youngest baby (she’ll always be my baby regardless of her age), just turned four. And since she was two years old, she’s been obsessed with Elsa.

Frozen book cover.

When In the Book serendipitously contacted me about a collaboration shortly before Elfin’s birthday, the first thing I did was check exactly what was available. And not only was I not disappointed – I was blown away by the huge choice.

And then I saw the 7 – seven! – Frozen books they’re able to offer, and I was sold.

I selected the Frozen Storybook Collection simply because it contained several different stories, and made a mental note to check it had arrived the following week.

Incidentally, the information you’ll be required to provide include:

  • An inscription, 
  • Your child’s name,
  • A photograph, if you wish.

I gave Elfin’s family nickname (as opposed to her blog one – Elfin is also not her real name!), and received an email about it. My contact kindly advised that the name appears at the top of every page, as well as within one personalised story.

I chose to keep Elfin’s term of endearment, but I understand not all families are as silly as ours and you may prefer to use a proper name.

First Impressions

I was seriously impressed when the book arrived just two days later. Bearing in mind that I sell books myself, I’m aware of how long the turnaround for printing can be, and that it takes great organisation and excellent service to be able to provide a service of that speed.

The parcel was large and a bit heavy, and when I opened it I couldn’t believe the size of the book. In fact, when Elfin opened it up, the very first thing she said was:

Mummy, it’s so big!

I think that means she likes it.

Quality of the Book

I’m just going to reiterate here that when it comes to reviews, I’m always honest and transparent. Which can sometimes make my job a little bit awkward. But this book is honestly so lovely, I have nothing but positive things to say about it.

If I was pushed to say anything negative, it would be that being so large it’s a little bit cumbersome, but of course when there are six more books on the same theme, that’s a choice you can make – or not! And Elfin is not in the least bothered by the size. As far as she’s concerned it’s all the more to love.

The pages are thick, which is ideal for little fingers to avoid inadvertent tearing, and the illustrations are beautiful – exactly what you’d expect from an official book. I was pleasantly surprised by that, as I hadn’t realised that In the Book are affiliated, but of course it makes all the difference to the quality. Oh, and it comes in a smart presentation box too which is important around kids like mine!

Elfin’s Opinion

Well, my daughter is fickle at the best of times, but she has asked for a story from this book every bedtime since she received it. And she especially loves the story at the beginning which she is included in.

This is a gorgeous book and makes a wonderful gift for a child. I’ll definitely be revisiting the site for birthday presents for my nieces and nephews.

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