Back at the end of October we were invited along to London to do some spooky crafts with Lenovo and Kimberly Wyatt, and to learn about the new Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant [affiliate link]. I’m not too sure how I feel about Halloween. I’ve never been a fan of having people I don’t know banging on my door asking for stuff we tend not to keep in our home, and so I don’t love the thought of encouraging my children to do it to others! With that in mind, I was delighted to attend a really fun Halloween event that meant Pixie didn’t miss out, but it was on terms I could be totally on board with.

Hubby and I have been so busy with our move that we’ve actually allowed October 31st to completely bypass us, neglecting to have a proper conversation about it. With Pixie being so young it’s not been an issue as she’s been unaware of the associated traditions, but had I been more organised I’d have fully discussed Trick or Treating with my husband. Because I’m torn – on the one hand I don’t want to stop my girls from enjoying the fun parts of childhood that their peers do; on the other, I feel like a massive hypocrite because it’s drummed into them to be cautious of strangers, eat healthily, and earn their treats.

I think we’ll advocate avoiding it until it’s unavoidable! So in the meantime a Halloween-themed event was perfect.

Lenovo Smart Display - Decorating Cookies


Arriving at the Lenovo Smart Display Demonstration

It was the strangest thing – as we approached the venue I realised that I knew where we were, and by sheer coincidence we ended up on the road next to where I lived off City Road twelve years ago. A very discombobulating experience because that was another world for me! I had a sense of nostalgia, in the best possible way: in stunning disparity to back then, I am exactly where I want to be in life.

Pixie was shy when we arrived, but super excited to meet Kimberly. She may or may not have been the child to excitedly shout out ‘it’s Kimberly Wyatt!’ when she entered the room. Kimberly was very lovely and graciously beamed our way, later posing for photos with us – I couldn’t have wished for a nicer celeb to meet my little girl.

Kimberly showed us what the Lenovo Smart Display can do, and I was seriously impressed. It works with the Google Assistant and – don’t say I said so but – she’s way superior to the Echo. My husband has set Alexa up all over the house because we already have the music package, and I’ve been a bit sad to lose Google. She’s so clever by comparison so integrated into a tablet the possibilities become endless.

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An Invaluable Tool For Busy Parents

Lenovo had come up with a brilliant concept for the day, creating a fun Halloween event for the children whilst also showcasing what the device can do for busy parents. Kimberly showed us the recipe function and how it can intuitively assist you in baking with the kids – all handsfree! It tells you step by step instructions whilst also updating the screen with images, and it can easily be controlled with your voice. As a busy mum juggling two children, any help which doesn’t require my hands is very much appreciated!

Lenovo Smart Display

The Lenovo Smart Display can also tell you about the weather and local traffic, the news, and even add items to your shopping list! These are all tools I would undoubtedly use and come to rely on. There’s even an option to independently shut off the camera and the microphone so we never need to worry about privacy when we’re not actively engaging with the device. I can totally see the gadget fitting seamlessly into our lives and becoming indispensable to our family.

Finally, we learned how to face paint our children – of course with the Google Assistant guiding us on the Lenovo Smart Display using both verbal cues and images to support the instructions. And mine came out okay I think! Pixie was happy anyway (admittedly that may have been more to do with the gingerbread decorating and meeting Kimberly than my handiwork).

Lenovo Smart Display - Face Painting


I Want a Lenovo Smart Display With the Google Assistant!

I’m thrilled to announce that I should be receiving one of these bad boys to review shortly (update: see link above), and I can’t ruddy wait! I know it will make my mornings easier and enhance our lives in so many ways, and I’m very excited to have the opportunity to review the product thoroughly, in the comfort of our own home.

Make sure you take advantage of the Lenovo Smart Display Black Friday deals running on from Friday 16th November until Monday 3rd December, as well at major retailers. During this time, the 8 inch device will sell at £129.99 (RRP £179.99) and the 10 inch will sell at £199.99 (RRP £229.99)

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  1. This looks like a great bit of kit and it’s good to see it works with Google Assistant too – I’ll add it to my ‘must have’ list! ?

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