Jacamo review: I was gifted the featured items in exchange for this post.

Before I was a parent I never really got the importance of Mother’s and Father’s Day*. Sure, it was a nice enough holiday, celebrating a revered relationship – but it’s only since I became Mummy myself that I truly appreciate its overwhelming significance. And likewise, what Father’s Day, too, stands for.

*I’m quite big on OCD when it comes to grammar. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I like to think I’m not too shabby. So I actually Googled to check where the apostrophe goes in Mother’s/Father’s Day. If you’re interested, you can check out for yourself why I put it before the ’s’.

It stands for unerring devotion to our offspring; it stands for love we never knew we were capable of feeling; it stands for sleep-deprivation and disgusting nappies and handling gross bodily fluids from various orifices that would previously have turned our stomachs – and all this willingly.

Though hubby and I agree that these things matter every day of the year, I finally – properly – ‘got it’ on my own first Mother’s Day – I suddenly understood that these special annual days are kind of momentous: a metaphorical high-five from one parent to another, in recognition of our unfaltering dedication and commitment to our littles.

Jacamo review

And this Father’s Day I want my husband to see that I certainly appreciate his fantastic Dad skills. But how to honour him? To find a way of making him feel special and appreciated, in a unique and relevant way?

I feel quite sure this is going to be an ongoing struggle…

Loss of Identity

One of the things parents the world over bemoan is a loss of identity once our babies arrive and become the focal point of our lives. It’s a necessary inevitability, because the reality is there’s very limited time (not to mention funds) for us to indulge in looking and feeling good. Those luxuries are basically bottom of the pile. Somehow buying stickers which will last all of ten minutes becomes of greater consequence than a similarly costing moisturiser which would have done me for a month.

I digress. My point is that my poor husband is in dire need of a new wardrobe. So this year I’m delighted to be teaming up with Jacamo for a fab idea which could either impress or distress my husband…

Jacamo asked me to dress my husband for Father’s Day, and I readily took up the challenge. If I get it right, he’ll love his new look and clothes; if I get it wrong then it won’t be the first time he’s dressed badly of late now that he’s a dad… No pressure!

It was only when it came to choosing the items for this post that I realised how fussy and particular my hubby is. But, in the end, these are gifts. And that means it’s basically the law – whether I get it right or wrong – to show some gratitude: it’s the thought that counts, right? Right??

If I had to describe my husband’s style in three words…I’d really struggle.

Alright, if I were really pushed I suppose I’d have to say: preppy; polished; quirky.

That may seem contradictory, but think very conservative/classic items worn with one or two more eccentric pieces to keep the overall look fresh and interesting. It’s actually very much the way I choose to dress myself too – when the opportunity arises to dress in something other than jeans and a jumper!

Father’s Day Challenge with Jacamo

I picked out three pieces from Jacamo’s site, around which to build two key looks. I wanted them both to be suitable for going out to dinner when paired with trousers, or a little more casual worn with shorts. The items I selected are:

Black Label By Jacamo Serano Tweed Waistcoat
I love this waistcoat because it can be dressed up or down. Here I’ve styled it with hubby’s denim shirt for a casual look, but it would also look very smart worn over a white shirt.

Jacamo review

Original Penguin Space Dye Winston Polo
Hubby is very particular when it comes to his clothes, not only about fit, but also with colour. This one took some convincing (he’s not generally into navy) – but with my assurance he looked good, this too was a hit! (If your partner is the same, there are plenty of alternative colours to choose from.)

Jacamo review

Casual Slip On Saddle Loafer
I love these! They’re even nicer in reality than they look online because they’re suede-y. One tiiiiny problem: without thinking I bought the female equivalent shoe during the time it took for these to arrive, so we now have to carefully plan our outfits to ensure we don’t wear them on the same day! But yep – hubby is a fan!

Jacamo review

And here are the two looks I put together for hubby:

Jacamo review

Jacamo review

I love the versatility of these items, they could easily become part of a capsule wardrobe for the summer and beyond.

Jacamo has some really lovely key pieces which perfectly complement my husband’s tastes, but can also be worked into other looks too, if preppy is not your thing. So why not do something similar for your significant other this Father’s Day, and treat him to a couple of items to encourage him to rediscover his identity and feel good about himself as a stylish dad?

This is a commissioned post.


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  1. Wow, you’ve put together a brilliant outfit. It’s great to see you picking out items for someone close to you. You definitely need to trust and know someone well to trust them to put an outfit together for you. The suede effect loafers are lovely, so unique. And the waistcoat is very classy – that lining is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

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