Have you heard of JORD? Until a few months ago I was unaware of them because they’re based across the pond; but more recently, because they offer free shipping worldwide, they’ve made a bit of an impression over here too…

I first noticed them when one of my fave bloggers was reviewing one of their products – a beautiful watch with a wooden bracelet. That sounds like it won’t work, but they are stunning pieces of craftsmanship – see for yourself:

JORD Wooden Watch Review

From the moment I saw this blogger friend was working with JORD, I won’t lie – I was envious.

I coveted one of those luxury timepieces for myself.

I noticed they were working with a few of my peers and I quietly kept my fingers crossed. And the day their email landed in my inbox, I was utterly thrilled.

My delight was only somewhat marred when my husband got wind of the campaign and suggested it would make a lovely thirtieth birthday gift… For him. Given that he treated me to a very special watch after Pixie was born, I sort of had to concede – it really would make a fabulous thirtieth birthday gift. Oh well. (I won’t mention the fact my watch has been gone for ‘a service’ for about five months – during which it was found to be irreparably faulty – and is yet to be rebuilt and returned. Oops, I just did. Moving on…)

We chose together because I’m a Good Wife and allowed him some input (plus he’s fussy / I invariably get it wrong) – and between us we chose the Frankie Zebrawood & Navy – an absolute beauty. Here it is:

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JORD Wooden Watch Review

It’s a gorgeous and unique watch, right? Despite it being a man’s watch, I’d even wear it myself! (If I had larger wrists I really would.) I was expecting the watch to be heavy, but it’s actually very light – it will be very comfortable to wear. I love its natural feel and its exquisite finish – it’s perfectly handcrafted and the links are incredibly smooth. There are a couple of natural imperfections in the bezel of our watch, but I actually think it adds to the character and charm – and they’re so minor I defy you to pick them out in the photo above!

However my favourite aspect of the watch is that it’s both unique and contemporary, but classic too. It’s an ingenious concept that shouldn’t work but does because it’s done so well!

Oh – and it comes in a fab presentation box too; which might not mean much to everyone, but I love good packaging! I think it’s indicative of the overall quality of a product.

JORD Wooden Watch Review

If you fancy one of these timeless masterpieces for yourself (or a loved one – you too could be that much-adored spouse/partner), JORD are currently running a contest whereby one lucky reader has the opportunity to win a voucher worth $75! Even better – everyone will receive a $20 voucher just by entering!

So if you are planning to make a Christmas purchase, now’s the time!

Follow these links for JORD’s luxury men’s and women’s watches.

Luxury Wood Watch

We were gifted a JORD Luxury Wood Watch in exchange for an honest review.

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