Leesa mattress review: I was gifted the item in exchange for my honest opinion.

I was over the moon when Leesa contacted me about a collaboration, as hubby and I had put off replacing our mattress for the best part of a year! Oops…

I was provided with a special discount code to use so I could go through the motions of the ordering process as part of the whole experience. And I have to say it was simple, straight forward and quick. Thumbs up so far.

Peace of Mind

I was sent a little info about the mattress, much like a press release, to help with writing this review, and there was lots to be impressed about. I particularly like the fact the mattress comes with a guarantee that if you are not sleeping better after 100 nights Leesa will be happy to issue a full refund. While not relevant to me on this occasion, it absolutely would be if I was making a large purchase.

If you’re wondering what happens to any mattresses which are returned, they’re not recycled – well, not in the way you may fear anyway! More on this later…

Despite being advised delivery would take around a week, the mattress arrived within two days. I was kept well informed so this was a bonus rather than a nuisance! (I’m lucky we have brilliant neighbours who took it in for us – they’ll be getting some nice chocs for Christmas if hubby doesn’t eat the replacement I still need to buy!)

Unboxing for the Leesa Mattress Review!

When we retrieved the box, we looked at each other and said ‘they’ve sent the wrong size’. Our bed is kingsize and the packaging was most definitely not.

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We opened the box up and on seeing the plastic-wrapped bulk we were already shaking our heads and talking about how to arrange its return. I stood well back as hubby took a knife to the plastic, just in case it sprang open with force. As it began to unravel I was peering at the way it was folded and to see whether perhaps it could possibly be a fantastic work of origami…

Leesa Mattress Review

Incredibly, our giant mattress did indeed squeeze into that relatively small package.

I was really looking forward to sleeping on our new mattress – there’s nothing better than fresh sheets is there? Other than, of course, a new mattress to go with them!

Something To Be Aware Of

When we retired, we agreed that so far, everything seemed great. Unfortunately, what didn’t remotely bother my husband became a bit of a problem for me… At the time, I was approximately 10 weeks pregnant, which meant I was incredibly sensitive to strong aromas. And, if like me, you are not already aware of this, new memory foam mattresses do hold a specific ‘smell’ for a while after opening. They are filled with a gas to help them expand following their compression during packaging and transit. That gas has a particular scent; it’s not foul, it’s just quite pungent initially.

At the time of opening our mattress, I thought little of it; but when I was still wide awake two hours after going to bed, and also experiencing a racing heart, I could ignore it no longer. As all new mothers do, I started to panic as to whether I was inhaling hazardous fumes which could harm my baby, so as a precaution I left our bedroom to sleep on the sofa-bed instead. Admittedly, that was a bit of a bummer – not quite the relaxing, comfortable night I’d envisaged.

However, credit where it’s due, my contact at Leesa could not have been more amenable to my plight or my recommendations:

  • Firstly, David was at pains to reassure me that the information I’d sought from a midwife friend was indeed correct, and my baby was not at any risk (the Leesa has gone through extensive safety testing to ensure it is 100% safe for all, it’s even latex-free);
  • Secondly, David offered a replacement mattress if I felt there was a genuine problem with the one we’d received;
  • And finally, he listened to my suggestion that there should be a warning about the smell, if only to reassure customers that it’s entirely normal, entirely safe, and it will dissipate within a couple of weeks. Going forward, there will be an email sent out following purchase, giving information about what to expect in terms of the smell.

I always say that a problem with a product is a company’s opportunity to shine, and I really can’t fault Leesa’s response to my concerns.

Social Impact

Another aspect about Leesa that I love is their commitment to helping charitable causes. I mentioned earlier about the 100 night guarantee they offer, and if within that time a mattress is returned, it will be donated. What’s not to love?

Leesa have also pledged to donate 300 mattresses to charity over the coming year. And if all that is not enough, they’ve recently launched a programme called One Earth which, for every mattress sold, plants a tree to help offset their carbon footprint.

Is it Worth Investing in a Leesa Mattress?

In a word, yes. If you’re planning to replace your mattress and you want something that comes with peace of mind and an ethically-inclined company, the Leesa is well worth a purchase. The unique three-layer structure is designed to provide all the benefits of a memory foam mattress, but without the drawbacks. It’s supportive and adaptive, but won’t give that ‘sinking’ feeling, and it also comprises three layers which work together to provide an airflow system, ensuring you won’t overheat.

My personal experience of the Leesa has been very positive since my early pregnancy nausea has abated! And in terms of comfort, I have zero complaints.

Leesa Mattress Review

The real test, of course, will be when there is a new baby slumbering beside me – will the fabulous Leesa mattress still make me feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after five hours broken sleep? Ha. Aha-ha-HA.

Sound good? Grab yours here!

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  1. Lauretta Wright Reply

    Great review and I would definitely consider getting a Leesa mattress after reading this – I’m in need of an upgrade I think! When our new sofa was delivered I could sit on it or be in the same room for a few days as the smell gave me a headache – so thanks for the pre-warning on this. I’d have to leave it somewhere to ‘air’ for a few days I think!

    • Kate Tunstall Reply

      It’s super comfortable so I can highly recommend. Yes, airing is probably wise if you’re sensitive to strong smells as I was at the time.

  2. Great review and reference for us while compiling the best mattress buyer’s guide 2017. There are some points you listed where we didn’t notice before, thanks!

    • Kate Tunstall Reply

      Thanks for your comment, I’m glad it was useful!

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