We’ve recently moved home, and when we found our house what sold it to me immediately was the fabulous kitchen: the island (I’ve always wanted an island!), the high gloss tiles on the floor, the American-style fridge-freezer – and the range cooker. Naturally, these are expensive items and so it was no great surprise when the skinflint vendor refused to leave the cooker behind. So I could not have been more thrilled when AO kindly work with me for a Leisure Cookmaster Range Cooker review.

On the day we moved into the house, I walked back into the kitchen and knew it would make me happy to make coffee in that room each morning, to cook in there and to entertain. I conveniently ignored the reality that would see me making breakfast one-handed because my toddler refuses to be put down, battling to get my children to eat, and clearing up a puddle on the floor created by my daughter having an accident.

I digress.


Leisure Cookmaster Electric Range Cooker Review

My personal preference when it comes to a cooker is electric oven and gas hob, however upon closer inspection of the gap left by the vendor to make room for our new model, my husband discovered an appalling mistake: there was no gas connection. Our cooker was due to be delivered the next day, so while my husband directed the men lifting and carrying all our worldly possessions, I was furiously typing out emails on my phone. Thankfully, the PR team at AO could not have been more fantastic and were able to arrange a fully electric cooker to be delivered.

And as it transpires, I quite like it! I was so disappointed initially, because I’d set my heart on a specific product – but actually the electric hob has not irritated me like I suspected it would. In fairness, I haven’t used one for many years, so perhaps they’ve come on. My previous experience was that the stake forever to get hot, but I’ve been satisfied working with this hob. Plus it looks much nicer and it easier to clean, so I’m choosing to see the positives.

Leisure Cookmaster Electric Range Cooker Review - Cooking Stir Fry


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Leisure Cookmaster Electric Range Cooker – Hob

There are five rings in total, and I really like that the central one can be made two different sizes, dependent upon your needs and the size of ring you require.

Leisure Cookmaster Electric Range Cooker Review - Hob


There are also lights to indicate if rings are hot, and my main concern – little fingers – could be negated by a cooker guard like this one:

Speaking of little fingers, there is another issue to be aware of with Leisure range cookers: for some reason, they only work when the clock is set. I’m not sure of the reasoning for this (a safety feature perhaps?), but we’ve already been caught out once. If you have small people living with you and they like to twist and turn every handle and nob they encounter, you have to be vigilant when dinner is in the oven!


Leisure Cookmaster Electric Range Cooker – Ovens

Moving onto the ovens, confession time: when we were caught out with the clock not being set, it wasn’t actually the fault of either of our daughters… It was my husband (sorry Hubs). The first time you use a new cooker, it should be turned on for half an hour or so before cooking. This allows any fumes created by residue burning off to be eliminated without contamination to food.

On our first use once we’d put food in the oven, my husband walked back into the kitchen and was concerned by steam streaming from the vents at the back of the oven, behind the hob. He turned the cooked off at the wall while he investigated, and after deciding there was nothing to be concerned about (the vents were doing their job), we were unable to make the oven work again. Because we’d not reset the clock!

Essentially, these niggles are just features of the product that, once acquainted with, are easily overcome.

The capacity is fab and the shelves take our standard-sized trays and dishes. There’s no storage drawer, but frankly I welcome the additional shelves for cooking space. Most important to note is that our food was cooked evenly and the ovens perform as expected.

Leisure Cookmaster Electric Range Cooker Review - Oven Cavities


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Leisure Cookmaster Electric Range Cooker – Finish

The coating on the cooker is silver paint, and I would have preferred an unpainted finish really. Unfortunately when our cooker arrived the main door was scratched beneath the packaging (the delivery guys could not have been more careful). Thankfully AO were amazing once again and were able to come and swap the cooker for a new one just two days later, but this problem would likely not have occurred if not for the painted finish, besides which my personal preference would be a stainless steel finish anyway.

All in all this is a great entry level cooker and I’m loving having the extra space it provides – not least because we’ve offered to host Christmas this year. Wish me luck.

I was gifted the product in exchange for my honest opinion. This post contains an affiliate link.


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