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Life before children was simple – and naturally we didn’t appreciate just how uncomplicated we had it! One of my big focuses prior to becoming a mother was meticulously planning our wedding, and I have a wealth of information, inspiration, tips and advice on the subject if that’s where you are now.

Of course, I wouldn’t change our new normal, even if it is…somewhat chaotic! As our family grows and we finally see light at the end of a rather exhausting tunnel, we naturally have less preoccupation with sleep – not quite out of those woods yet but seeing definite progress! Which means I can begin to find a little autonomy and we can really start enjoying life again.

I can’t overstate how wonderful it is to see the fog lifting. With the girls being that little bit less dependent on me, I have more time to indulge in self-care, enjoying making our house a home, and having fun and adventures – both with and without the children! We recently created a family bucket list, and I can’t wait to start working our way through it now life is not quite so tough.

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