“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Kahlil Gibran

I love this photo. It was taken during our weekly meet up with my dad, Pixie’s grandad, at our local petting farm. They’ve recently made lots of changes, most notably the installation of this crazy golf course which Pixie loves.

I think this is such a fab image because she looks like she’s emulating a real golfer. You can take my word for the fact her skills would suggest that’s not in fact the case. But we’ll get there!


Here is a reminder of why we nicknamed this baby girl Elfin Angel. We couldn’t have known what her natural temperament would be, we just hoped against hope she’d be a chilled and happy baba. (We were also pretty sure we were due an easy one…)

Of course, if you’ve been following our story, Elfin has had lots of problems with allergies since birth. The irony being that actually, when she’s not suffering she is the most content little girl you could wish to see.

Her dad says her face is not big enough to contain her smile.
I think this photo perfectly shows what he means.







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  1. Oh my gosh your littlest is so gorgeous! That happy face!! It *almost* makes me want to have another! x

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