“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Kahlil Gibran

It was Pixie’s birthday this week. I can’t believe I’m the mother of a three year old – it makes me feel so old! (I also can’t believe I’m mother to not one but two children. That’s insane. And makes me feel officially past it.)

We threw her first ever birthday party which was a brilliant success as she loved it and it was largely stress-free.

I’ve reviewed the experience so if you’re interested you can read all about it and see lots more photos on Tuesday.

Pixie is still completely in love with her sister, which is lovely but also sometimes a little bit scary… Three times I’ve caught her trying to pick her up in the last two days. I have to be so vigilant!









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  1. It’s scary how quickly they want to get involved isn’t it!? My daughter constantly wanted to lie on her brother and cuddle him! It’s so much easier now he’s bigger and more robust! #LivingArrows

  2. Happy belated birthday to your little one. I still have to pinch myself that I am mummy to 2 girls and my youngest is 3! x #LivingArrows

  3. What a gorgeous photo of your littles. We had the same problem with attempted carrying, I’ve seen how they carry dolls, and its quite terrifying to imagine a baby in its place! If it makes you feel any better I have an 8 year old on Saturday, and I’m still trying to figure out how it happened, its whizzed by so fast!

  4. Oh your baby looks so big!!! Three seems so big too – and it was a great age for Athena and Troy, one of the best ages in fact x

  5. That’s such a lovely photo of them both together – it’s adorable that they love each other so much (if a little scary on the picking up front!) #LivingArrows

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