“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Kahlil Gibran

Hubby took this photo, and Elfin is actually in the original shot, in her pram just in front of us. I’ve had to crop it because it was taken portrait instead of landscape, but also because I’m now getting more careful about sharing images of Elfin.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that a website was scraping images, and unfortunately there’s a second site doing the same. As yet I’ve been unable to have my photos removed, despite complaining via the relevant channels. It’s made me hyper aware and vigilant.

Anyway, I love this shot because it shows a special moment between Pixie and I, one that neither of us were posing for.

She’s told me a few times recently that she doesn’t love me on a particular day (usually because I’ve told her no), so it’s lovely to look at a photo that appears to show otherwise!

In this image (below) Elfin is on her playmat and I wanted to try to capture those gorgeous baby hands. She’s such a wriggler at the moment, this is the best I could do!

I can’t quite believe how quickly she’s growing up. Before too long we’ll be starting BLW – where does the time go?!








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  1. I cant imagine how it feels to have your images stolen, its thought provoking for me as I share lots of images. (although only my husband reads my blog) I hope they are removed soon and the websites shut down. I am sure Pixie didn’t mean it, but its still hard to hear all the same. I love photographs that capture moments, yours really captures the love, its a lovely picture and memory. Elfin is growing so fast!

    • Thanks Hannah. I felt violated but having hit a deadend I’ve had to try to put it out of my head. I’m just so relieved I don’t share full face images.

      It’s not nice to hear but I try to let it go over my head! Thank you, it is. And yes I know, it’s mad! Where does the time go?! *sob*

  2. Hope you get them taken down. I found some of mine on the 2 websites too. 1 took them down straightaway but the other one still had them. I must go back and check and try reporting it again. #livingarrows

  3. I think they all go through a ‘I don’t love you’ phase – it’s so hard setting boundaries to have them then express themselves like that. But, I can feel the love in these pictures so clearly! x

    • I thought it would be harder if I’m honest. I know she doesn’t mean it, so it’s fine. Not exactly pleasant of course!

      Thank you, I love that photo of us x

  4. These are such lovely pictures – I’ve not had I don’t love yet but I did have ‘You’re not my best mummy anymore’ but like you say, it’s usually just when they don’t get their own way! #LivingArrows

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