FOREO recently invited Pixie and I to a really fun event in London. I had reservations about taking her into town alone, but I’m so glad I did. She was very well-behaved (shocking) and once she got past her shyness, she had a great time at the event. Plus it was for an important campaign: looking after young children’s teeth.

Funnily enough, this couldn’t have come at a more apt time for us. We’ve just moved home and I really need to get us registered with a new dentist. We’re both overdue having a check up (slap my wrist), and while I’ve been meaning to book us in for a couple of months, what with work and moving, it’s just not happened.


Are We Looking After Young Children’s Teeth Sufficiently Well?

Interestingly, this oversight is common with 37%* of parents not taking their child to the dentist for the first time until they’re five or older(!), so at least I’m a bit ahead there. Nonetheless, I do feel bad because obviously Pixie is a minor and it’s my responsibility to keep her teeth in tip top condition. Given that 48% of children under 16 have been advised they’re at risk of tooth decay, I’m far from alone.

After a dental scare a couple of years ago I have a really good routine myself, brushing twice a day and flossing every night. But I’m not convinced that Pixie is sufficiently educated/bothered about looking after her teeth.

I need to do better, we need to do better.

The trouble is, if you’re anything like me, visiting the dentist is one more thing in a long, looong list of things that needs to be remembered, booked, actioned, and ticked off. It’s not that we don’t care – of course not – it’s simply a case of prioritising the overwhelming mental load. But as 55% of three to five year olds already have a filling, no matter how legitimate the reasons, we have to find a way to improve our children’s oral health before they join these unpalatable statistics.

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Top tips for caring for your children's teeth - from a Harley Street dentist. Plus the best toothbrush to use. #dentalcare #dentalhygiene #babyteeth


Tips for Looking After Young Children’s Teeth

Harley Street dentist and FOREO ambassador Dr Mark Hughes was at the event with us and had these top tips to share:

  • Make brushing fun;
  • Use a timer;
  • Use a sonic brush;
  • Routine is key.

This is where FOREO come in, providing solutions for the first three points on the list. They’ve launched a fantastic range of innovative toothbrushes in gorgeous eye-catching colours. With two different age ranges, there’s a brush to suit from the moment your baby gets their first tooth, right through to adulthood. And they’re not just pretty to look at, their sleek design cleverly delivers sonic pulsations to teeth and gums. Plus this revolutionary toothbrush carry up to 10,000 times less bacteria than its traditional counterpart!

With different settings to ensure comfort, a timer with smiley face for the littles, and a completely waterproof body, this brush is an excellent way to get your child interested in their own dental hygiene.

Drawn to the shocking pink colour, Pixie loves her new ISSA mikro and is happy to brush with the soft silicone bristles for the recommended two minutes – even if it is to make the smiley face appear on the handle!

Looking After Your Children's Teeth - Child Brushing

I’m hoping that the novelty and handy gimmicks will continue to hold her interest for long enough that she establishes a solid habit, building on the routine we already had of brushing twice a day. I must confess I’ve never timed her before so it’s great to be implementing that as well – I even have the timer function on my ISSA 2 Sensitive Set too which is helpful. (The adult toothbrushes don’t have a smiley face however and I’m not going to lie, I’d have quite liked the feature; call me juvenile but living with a prima donna preschooler and a feisty toddler, any display of appreciation is welcome.)

I love that there’s also a sad face on the children’s brush which lights up if too many hours have passed since they last cleaned their teeth, not that I’m suggesting my child would ever try to tell me fibs of course…


Best Features of the FOREO Range

I’m particularly impressed with the fact that one charge is most likely enough to last a full year! I also really like that Pixie can use her brush in the bath if she wishes, without the risk of damaging it. And I love the contemporary and attractive design, but in particular the ergonomic shape of the bristles on the adult head. It’s not just visually appealing, it’s actually really functional too, allowing you to comfortably and effortlessly clean back teeth. But possibly my very favourite feature is the indicator which lets you know when you’ve been brushing for 30 seconds so you can spend equal time on each quadrant of your mouth.

We’re delighted with our new FOREO sonic toothbrushes, and I’m confident they’ll help encourage good oral hygiene in the girls.

Now, I must fill out those new dentist forms tonight…

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*statistics taken from a survey conducted by Atomik Research on behalf of FOREO, among 2,002 UK adults including 1,000 parents of under-16’s.

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